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Spotlight on Customer Experience: APAC Technical Support

In our last installment of “Spotlight on Customer Experience”, we spoke with Dave from the Customer Success team about his past 3.5 years at Dyn in customer-focused roles. Today we go across the globe to hear from Linley Cram about working on the technical support team in Australia.


Kelly: How long have you worked at Dyn and what position do you hold?

Linley: I’ve worked at Dyn for just over a year in the position of technical support.

Kelly: What’s the Dyn APAC office like? What’s the team like?

LinleyPythonLinley: The office is full of kangaroos and deadly snakes.  Just kidding, that only happens on Fridays.  Currently the Sydney office is a fairly small arrangement of leased rooms until we have enough people to warrant bigger and more Dyn-like spaces.  The team is still less than ten but slowly growing.  We have to be pretty flexible with each other and cross role boundaries a little to make sure “stuff gets done” but that’s the nature of being in such a different time zone to the bulk of the company.

Kelly: What was your favorite experience working with a customer?

Linley: No single customer experience jumps out at me, but the phone calls tend to be fairly interesting.  Most of the tech support work comes in via email on our shift but occasionally we’ll need to make calls.  American based customers nearly always pick up on the accent and when I tell them I’m in Australia, they apologise profusely for disturbing me, forgetting – or perhaps not knowing – that while it might be late at night there, it’s the middle of the day here and I’m probably meant to be working anyway.

Kelly: How is it working in Australia for an American company?

Linley: There definitely are some little quirks and differences working for an American company.  None of them are bad, but we do notice them from time to time, mostly in regards to the differing things each country tends to be laid back about.  For example, it is very normal in Australia to take four weeks holiday (vacation!) in one go.  We are so far from other areas of the world that taking long trips is the norm so we don’t lose half our holiday in transit and the haze of jet-lag.  In America though, a four week PTO request would probably be met with something bordering on amazement.  As for APAC customers, they hit us with the same problems and questions we see everywhere else.  DNS is DNS.

Kelly: So what do you do when you’re not at Dyn?

LinleyGidgetLinley: I hope you have a lot of room for this answer!  I tend to never sit still.  During a regular week, I will ride my horse a few times, muck around with my photography or video editing (I have a youtube channel and a public page on FB), hit the gym several times, put in two hellish stints at hot yoga, and devote multiple hours to travel research. I nearly always have at least one holiday booked and two more in the planning stages.  In the last four years I’ve been to America seven times and New Zealand three times.  Prior to that, I’ve been to Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary over the course of my life.  It’s possibly bordering on an addiction and I’m cool with that.

LinleyCanyonSwingI have a particular penchant for anything involving adrenaline and can claim amongst my accomplishments: skydiving, white-water rafting, the world’s largest swing (The Nevis Swing), the world’s highest cliff jump (The Shotover Canyon Swing), some fairly extreme horse riding, paragliding, jet boats, snowboarding, rally driving, fighter jet thrill flight, any roller coaster I can find, climbing the highest mountain in Australia, and just general day to day living down under.  My motto is “Go hard or don’t holiday with me.”  In my spare time (Ha!) I am also a classically trained pianist, a fiction writer with published short stories, occasional karaoke queen, and the world’s coolest aunty to four nieces and one nephew.

Kelly: What do you think makes Dyn’s customer experience the best in the industry?

Linley: I think Dyn stands out because when something about a customer’s experience is lacking, we actually take it on board and use that feedback to constantly work on a solution.  Our portal is always growing and changing to meet those demands and improve the customer experience.

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