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Live Free And Start: Getting a Piece Of The Action In Southern New Hampshire’s Tech Startup Scene

New Hampshire has always been the sort of place where if you have a great idea, you take the ball and run with it. We are one of many companies that are happy to call New Hampshire our home.

It’s a home we like. We open it up to startup meet-ups, world-famous DynTini events, political figures, and the like because we are proud to be at the heart of movement in the Manchester area. However, we think that some of our guests should take off their coats and stay a while.

Whether you choose Manchester as your home base or one of the surrounding areas where innovation and entrepreneurship are the status quo, we’ve assembled a list of a few resources to help you along.

I’m happy to be a resource.  Email address is first name at dyn dot com.

Looking for a great career or to meet like-minded professionals in the area?

Both MYPN and Stay Work Play host a number of meetups in the area. These events allow the young entrepreneur or professional to network with others and leverage the expertise of others. If you’re at that juncture in your career where you haven’t come up with the next big thing but could use a change, no problem. Both of these organizations provide a cache of job opportunities with great companies in the area — opportunities where you may be able to even get in on the ground floor of something big.

abi-innovation-hub-Is it time to move your new venture out of your spare bedroom? Connect with these organizations:

And these people/organizations:

Mill33Here’s A Few (But Not All) Notable Startups:

Meetups and Events





Great Blog Posts

The key to succeeding in the Southern New Hampshire tech scene is staying connected. Attend Meetup events, make some new friends and help out wherever you can. While we are individually responsible for the success of our startups here in the area, together, we are the catalyst that will make things a lot more prosperous across the board.

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