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Snowtober: Managed DNS, Email Delivery Aren’t Much Different than Power & Water Utilities

Just over a week ago, the northern New England corridor was hit with a historic October Nor’easter, duly named “Snowtober”. On Saturday, October 29th, more than a foot of snow was dropped across southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, causing numerous power outages, road closures and general discomfort for residents throughout the region.

When the power goes out, the ramifications are endless. Pumps cannot be run to supply water, furnaces cannot run to supply heat and refrigerators cannot run to keep food cold and/or frozen. When the water supply is impacted, it prevents people from cooking, cleaning and bathing, basically meaning that general human hygiene can be affected.

The interesting part to me is that these basic functions are rarely thought of, except during a utility outage like the ones caused by the Snowtober Nor’easter. For the most part, most people simply expect power to be on and water to be flowing as these are utility services that are provided to the home and one really doesn’t think about these services until an outage occurs.

The same parallel can be drawn to DNS and Email Delivery systems –- people don’t always spend time thinking about them until an outage or issue arises.

SnowtoberFor the most part, Managed DNS and Email Delivery systems are “set it and forget it” types until something goes wrong.

When something goes wrong with DNS, it gets your attention pretty quickly as it generally means that your website is offline, your VOIP phones are down and your business is suffering. With Email Delivery, an issue generally means that user engagement is down, spam or abuse complaints are up and conversion rates/key performance indicators are off.

DNS and Email Delivery services should always be running and available regardless of the conditions, just like power and water utility services.

They are critical services to your business’ success and outages of either can have dramatic effects. With a trustworthy and reputable Internet Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) partner like Dyn at your side, you can always be rest assured that these services are available. If you haven’t checked on how your DNS and Email Delivery systems are set up in the event of issues, now would be a good time to consider making the switch to DynECT Managed DNS or DynECT Email Delivery before a costly outage occurs.

Much like snowstorms in October, the unexpected can result in chaos if the right protocols aren’t in place. Get a jump on uptime and peace of mind with deliverability when “the weather” is nice.

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