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Six Enterprise Use Cases for Internet Performance

As Dyn continues to bring its real-time, actionable Internet Performance platform to the enterprise market, a new breed of enterprise has emerged—one that thinks customer-first when it comes to user experiences (UX) of market-facing websites and applications. Top-line revenue has never been more intertwined with Internet Performance in the complex and volatile Internet economy.

A recent quote was confidently stated by Joe Abley, Director of Architecture at Dyn, that sums up our unique position in the market, “When the global press needs to understand the impact of network failures on the world economy, they call Dyn.”

With macro technology trends in Cloud, Mobile, Business Continuity, Cyber Security, Globalization and Internet of Things (IoT) at our backs, Dyn is poised to take advantage of this large Internet Performance Management opportunity and deliver brand and revenue assurance for enterprises worldwide.

Read on to learn about some enterprise use cases for our Internet Performance offerings.

Cloud Adoption:

According to International Data Group (IDG), 69% of businesses are using cloud technology, with another 18% planning to implement it in the near future. As these businesses begin migrating more of their applications to the cloud, Dyn provides the insight into which cloud providers best serve their target markets. Dyn’s Traffic Management helps ensure a smooth transition to the cloud by enabling IT teams to gradually transition their traffic to cloud endpoints, testing the viability of each location before routing all of their traffic to that service.


It’s been estimated that roughly 84% of the world’s population will be using mobile web browsers by the end of 2018. To ensure this population can reach your web properties, Dyn’s Traffic Management routes mobile requests to the infrastructure and services best able to serve these mobile devices. Dyn’s Internet Intelligence and RUM (Real User Measurement) data gives visibility into the performance—good and bad—of the customer experience across mobile carriers.

Business Continuity:

In a 2014 survey performed by Veeam Software, 82 percent of CIOs admitted that they are unable to meet their business’s need for immediate, always-on access to IT services. This availability gap costs enterprises more than $2 million a year in lost revenue, productivity, missed opportunities, and data irretrievably lost through backups failing to recover.

Dyn’s Internet Performance platform ensures high availability of these services by routing end-user traffic around infrastructure during planned maintenance activities while also monitoring this infrastructure to ensure traffic is rerouted during unexpected disturbances that could knock these services offline.

Cyber Security:

According to a study by CipherCloud, 86% of the cloud applications used by North American businesses were not authorized by IT security professionals. Additionally, company acquisitions frequently introduce a large number of public-facing assets that Risk and Security teams must account for as they represent increased risk of exposure. Dyn’s Internet Intelligence Network provides visibility into all of the public-facing assets being utilized across the enterprise so these teams can ensure all assets are accounted for and meet risk and security requirements.


Over 48% of the world’s Internet users reside within Asia and this percentage is still growing. As U.S. and European businesses attempt to reach growing Asian markets, Dyn provides the visibility into which infrastructure choices will enable them to best reach each market while also routing visitors from these regions to the infrastructure and services that ensure a strong and consistent end user experience.


According to IDC, the global IoT market will grow to $1.7 trillion in 2020. This is a massive scaling of an Internet that will be defined by a size far greater than the world’s population. How do you manage a network of this scale? Naming & Identity are two of the most critical components of IoT. Dyn’s real-time, actionable Internet Performance platform enables the technical availability, security, and speed for interconnected devices. Leveraging Dyn’s Managed DNS network enables customers to have a hardened, instantly-propagated namespace to protect the integrity of Internet connected devices.

About the Author

Corey Hamilton is a Product Marketing Manager for Dyn, a cloud-based Internet Performance company that helps companies monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure for an exceptional end-user experience. Follow Corey on Twitter: @CoreyHamilton11 and @Dyn.

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About the Author

Brian Brady is Dyn’s Director of Business Development focused on emerging markets, key strategic relationships and Internet governance. Brian holds the unofficial designation of Dyn historian. Outside of Dyn Brian has a love of historical strategy, behavioral economics, and game theory.

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