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Shows, Swag & Socks

Recently, I’ve been invited to a bunch of meetings to review Dyn’s trade show plans for 2015. And with our events schedule about to take off, it’s the little things that will make the difference between Dyn just being just another vendor with a booth or a potential business partner who attendees will remember.

Booth Duty

The days of hiring models to hand out pamphlets at your tradeshow booth are behind us. The people who work your tradeshow booth should be knowledgeable about your company and your products. Attendees who visit your booth are smart and at the conference to learn, so provide them with knowledge and interesting facts about your technology and solutions so they are left with a succinct understanding of your company and the value that your solutions would add to their business.

Knowledge is Power

The Look

This is really simple. Be professional and comfortable. If your company is suggesting that you wear something in the booth that is not comfortable you should speak up. When you are comfortable, your message flows that much better.


“Down Time”

Down time doesn’t actually exist at a trade show if you’re doing it right. You represent the brand that you work for at all times. When you are not in your booth, you end up walking around with a name badge on, so you transform into a networking machine. Talk to everyone, collect business cards at all times – you never know who you’re standing next to.

Do NOT be like these guys. Source

The Swag

Yes, trade shows are filled with great, intelligent attendees, who are looking to learn more to enhance their careers. But they are also there to play ‘trick or treat’. The trade show provides them with a bag, and the vendors pass out the candy. I’ve been in booths where a visitor won’t even speak, but instead will walk up to you, extend their open bag and motion to the branded swag you are handing out.

Make it count when planning what your organization is giving out. When the attendee gets home and empties out their swag bag, what are they going to keep for their desk at work, what will they give to their kids, and what will end up in the trash? If you make the desk at work, you will be remembered. See below for my Free Swag Idea.


Free Swag!

I know I am a creative genius, since my mother quite often would remind me of how “special” I was. So here is a freebie, from a Mom-certified genius.

“Socks”. Spend some time, go to and get some nice quality stylish socks with your brand’s colors on them. e. Dyn’s would be yellow and black, for example.

Package these socks in a bag with a note that says – “High quality swag socks to remember our high quality solution”. The attendee takes them home, and wears them. Then they think of you at least twice a day – once when they put them on, and once they take them off.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll will see Dyn giving out socks at one of our upcoming shows…

Design not yet finalized

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