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New Dyn Service Allows Websites to Finally Use Cloud Computing Globally

DynECT Traffic Management Provides Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) to its Corporate and Enterprise Customers

MANCHESTER, NH Cloud computing offers the promise of on-demand capacity delivered around the world. Until now, companies have had an extremely difficult time taking advantage of this capability. There has been no simple way to deploy services in different clouds around the world and then direct customers to the closest available server, without investing in expensive hardware. For example, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service allows the rapid deployment of servers in several datacenters, but provides no way to load balance requests to these servers, detect and route around failures, or direct customers to the closest server. This gap has significantly impacted the market acceptance of cloud computing and forced companies to pursue traditional infrastructure options.

Dyn takes aim at this problem with its latest release of the DynECT Platform and the general availability of DynECT Traffic Management, a DNS-based global server load balancer. The new solution gives network and system administrators a DNS-based alternative to costly hardware-based global server load balancing systems. DynECT Traffic Management is the simplest, most effective and reliable way to take global advantage of cloud computing. Using Dyn’s global anycast DNS network, customers are able to direct their clients to the geographically closest available server. By selectively routing clients to different servers, latency and web page load times are reduced, increasing service availability and heightening the user experience. Server load balancing, monitoring and failover are all incorporated into the DynECT Traffic Management service.

DynECT Traffic Management was pre-released to existing customers in December 2008. Edgecast Networks, a content delivery network with headquarters in Los Angeles, California, was among the first to take advantage of DynECT Traffic Management as a global server load balancing option for its managed server customers.

“By partnering with Dyn Inc., we can offer a global traffic management solution that complements our ability to provide globally deployed dedicated server hosting for our clients who are not leveraging our content delivery network,” said Philip Goldsmith, SVP of Sales for Edgecast Networks. “DynECT Traffic Management gives our customers the ability to route, load balance, and control Internet traffic to their applications running on the dedicated servers that we provide.”

Simple Economics

In an effort to accomplish more with fewer resources, enterprises are looking for technologies that allow them to improve the customer’s experience via on-demand infrastructure, without requiring additional capital investment or complex implementation. Accordingly, the DynECT Platform can be used to optimally direct customer requests to existing servers around the world, maximizing usage and efficiency of existing IT infrastructure. Since the Dynect Platform is provided as a hosted service from a global constellation of 10 datacenters, no customer rack space, power, or cooling is required.

“With DynECT Traffic Management, companies can optimize the sizeable investment they have already made in deploying servers globally,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO . “Through global server load balancing, existing network resources are able to reach peak performance, thereby delivering clients noticeably reduced load times and increased stability.”

Superior Technology

DynECT Traffic Management marks a significant improvement to Internet traffic delivery over other forms of global load balancing. The DynECT Platform can be used to direct Internet traffic based on a combination of user geography and available capacity at a specific site. Load balancing and failover rules are configured via the simple web interface, enabling the sophisticated monitoring network to detect failures and automatically route Internet traffic to available servers in addition to sending an alert to system administrators.

DynECT Traffic Management is now available to customers. Pricing starts at $250/hostname on top of your Dynect Platform baseline package price, which will be scoped primarily based off of your traffic and domains. For more information, contact our sales team via email at, or by telephone at +1 888-840-3258.

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