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Sedo Case Study: Already Registered? How Dyn Acquired the Perfect Domain for their Business

The right domain name can make all the difference when it comes to targeting potential customers for your business through the web. Shorter domain names that are five characters or less are highly valued properties since they are easy to remember and help position your business as a leader in your industry. These shorter domains also offer reduced risk of typo errors, strong brand recognition and increased flexibility in promoting the domain, your business and the services your company offers.

However, often times the ideal short, pithy and memorable domain for your business, particularly if it’s a premium .com address, is already taken. So, what do companies do when someone else owns the domain name they want? Just ask Manchester, New Hampshire-based Dyn, a leading managed DNS service provider.

As part of a strategic move to streamline its brand, the company wanted to acquire the domain name, to integrate all of its business units under one short and easy to remember web address. These units include Dyn’s consumer brand,, which has served over 12 million home/SMB users and the company’s corporate/enterprise brand, the DynECT Platform, which has several hundred customers on its globally deployed DNS network.

Prior to acquiring the domain through in August of 2009, the company had been using, which was too long and difficult to remember and had a high risk of typos. Then, Dyn Inc. started using in an effort to make things easier for visitors.

“People thought we were a printer ink company when we used that name, so it was a bit confusing,” said Kyle York, vice president of sales and marketing. “Since we’re a global company with an international customer base, a hyphenated name didn’t always translate correctly across different languages. We’re known as Dyn across all business groups, so we wanted to tighten up our branding and try and pull all business units together under one roof.”

Do it yourself or use a domain brokerage firm?
Similar to traditional real estate, many people try to sell their own homes unsuccessfully, and then soon realize that they need a broker to get the job done right. The same is true in the world of virtual real estate. Dyn tried to acquire the domain name directly from the seller for six months.

“We used a lot of man hours to research the seller’s contact information, send multiple emails and make a bunch of phone calls, and basically got nowhere,” York said.

That’s when the company knew that it needed a domain brokerage expert to expedite the search on the seller and acquire the domain. Sedo, the leading online domain marketplace and monetization provider, was the natural choice. “Working with Sedo, we were able to acquire the name and finalize the deal in three to four weeks. The process was quick and painless, so we were glad we finally decided to turn to the experts, as this domain was of strategic importance to us,” said York.

Obtaining a domain name directly from the owner is not as simple as it sounds. Relying on WHOIS alone for domain owner information is not ideal, as Dyn  discovered, since you cannot tell if the domain owner information is current or even correct. With secret registration now becoming more prevalent, that task will only get more difficult.

“On the other hand, a well established domain brokerage firm such as Sedo does all the vetting on their clients’ behalf to ensure that both the seller and buyer are legitimate,” said York.

Working with seasoned domain brokers also ensures that the buyer and seller are not exploited or cheated, and that each party ends up buying and selling the domain for the right price.

“We acquired the domain name for $15K through Sedo, but people often assume we paid ten times the price. For us, it was a steal of a deal. If only we had done it six months sooner,” said York.

Overall, Dyn’s experience working with Sedo to acquire a previously registered name demonstrated that using an expert domain brokerage firm is the best choice for companies who want to obtain their desired (but already taken) domain, quickly and in a secure manner.

About Sedo
With more than 1.4 million member accounts from around the world, and trading domains in more than 20 languages, Sedo stands alone as the world’s only global domain marketplace.

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