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Dyn Research: Analyzing The Real User Monitoring (RUM) Industry

Real User Monitoring (RUM) companies play a watchdog role in the growing IaaS industry, and this latest Dyn research post takes a look at some of the players in the space, their overall penetration and market share into various segments.

As we did in some of our earlier research posts where we looked at cloud hosting market share and CDN market share, we now look at the overall penetration and market share of RUM tools for our enterprise business customers, Alexa 10K websites and also the entire database of companies listed on Crunchbase.

To do so, we used New Relic, Google Speed Analytics, Pingdom, Torbit, Gomez, and a few other smaller players for this analysis. The space is evolving rapidly and we’re paying close attention.

Within our customer base, we noticed that almost 11% of our customers use one of these tools. Within the Alexa 10K, the corresponding penetration was 9.5% and about 5.3% for all the companies on Crunchbase. The take rate for these tools is growing strongly too.

The biggest takeaway here is that there still a ton of space for these performance monitoring firms to capture, and that the space is incredibly fragmented and untapped. We pay very close attention to the web and app performance monitoring space too, leveraging our favorite partner, Catchpoint, to monitor our network and app.

We also looked at the market share for these websites that were using RUM tools to look at the leaders in the space.

  • New Relic completely dominates the space in each of the different data sets that we looked at with a market share ranging from 62-75%.
  • Google free Speed Analytics has an impressive 15% market share. They serve this data through Google Analytics which makes it different from the other providers.
  • Pingdom, Torbit (recently bought by Walmart) and Gomez together account for 8-15% of the overall market share.
  • The chart below summarizes this data to show the market share of the various players we looked at.

Dyn - Web Performance Analytics

Key Takeaways

It’s simple: monitor your website from the vantage point of real users/customers and get ahead of service degradation or failure.

With vulnerability at every layer of the infrastructure stack and the Internet becoming a more volatile feeding ground for hackers (remember this recent story?), attackers and cyber criminals, it’s important to keep a close eye on uptime and overall performance. As Dyn shifts focus 100% to being the world’s best Internet performance solutions company, you’ll see us continually shine a light on the importance of these partners in the Web performance crusade.

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