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Dyn Research: Looking At Geographic Distribution Of DNS Traffic Via Our POPs

Dyn has 17 geographically distributed points of presence (POPs) in ten countries, offering a slew of advanced features on our enterprise DNS service that allow our customers to target and optimize performance using our geo-based traffic management features. Failover, load balancing, and geo traffic management are just some of the tools we provide to help the world’s most  visited websites better manage that web traffic to ensure maximum uptime and availability.

To date, we serve an average of over 500 billion queries a month via our anycast network, continuing to research new locations for future expansion. We dove a little deeper into our most popular traffic serving POP, and found we have a roughly 50/50 split between traffic being served by the United States and the rest of the world.

If you have not already seen our POPs, take a look:

Dyn PoPs

Frankfurt, Germany, Amsterdam and London, England, are our highest  traffic international POPs, while Newark, NJ, Chicago, IL, and Washington, DC, are our most popular domestic locations:

Country City Percentage
United States Newark 8.85%
Chicago 8.38%
Washington 7.96%
Dallas 7.18%
Miami 5.29%
Los Angeles 5.19%
Palo Alto 4.39%
Seattle 3.14%
Germany Frankfurt 15.35%
Netherlands Amsterdam 9.81%
United Kingdom London 8.26%
Japan Tokyo 4.43%
Hong Kong Hong Kong 3.67%
Singapore Singapore 3.20%
Brazil Sao Paulo 2.25%
Australia Sydney 2.19%
Poland Warsaw 0.46%

So how does this flow over the course of the day?

The general peaks are between 12 to 19 hours GMT (a combination of early work hours for the U.S. afternoon and evening hours in Europe). Given that we power a significant part of the internet with those 500 billion queries each month, it would be safe to assume that the graph below would also represent general internet distribution of hourly traffic.

Dyn PoP 2

As you probably can surmise, the Internet is experiencing tremendous growth, not only in the U.S. and Europe, but also globally. APAC & South America (and soon our newest India PoP and future China location) will be resolving a greater percentage of DNS queries across our diverse customer base.

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Kyle York
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