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Dyn Research: CDN Adoption Across Our Customer Base

As a follow up to our hosting blog on where Dyn clients host their websites, we continued our Dyn research efforts with a focus on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) industry. We took a look at the adoption of CDNs within our customer base, the top Alexa Websites, technology firms in North America, and also for some of the largest enterprises worldwide. We looked at overall penetration and market share of each of these segments for the top CDN players.

Given that CDNs earn their revenue much like we do (based on traffic consumption) and customers leverage CDNs for similar Internet performance gains to Dyn services, we think this study will be of great value.

Here’s what we found.

Our Customers

About 25% of our enterprise level customers use a CDN provider in conjunction with Dyn’s services, the majority of which use Amazon or Akamai at an almost equal split. Here’s the top 10 providers:

Dyn Customers

Alexa 10K & 100K

The top CDN providers have managed to penetrate into about 30% of the Alexa 10K and 15% of the Alexa 100K websites. Akamai has a significant lead over Amazon in the Alexa 10K, while the gap narrows in the Alexa 100K. Edgecast, NetDNA, Limelight and Level 3 come across as the other major players with market share in the space:

Dyn CDN Customers

North America Technology Firms

We also looked at all the companies listed in Crunchbase — a total of more than 130K technology firms located in North America. It is interesting to note that Amazon dominates this space, being very popular with startups. Name recognition, ease of sign-up, and cloud hosting domination seem to be the route cause of this market share lead:

Dyn Image C

Large Enterprises

Roughly 6% of the 25,000 global enterprises (defined as companies with greater than 1000 employees) use CDNs. Understandably, the penetration of these CDNs in this segment is much lesser than the other segments we have looked at so far. Akamai, the de facto brand in CDN management, leads the large enterprise space in commanding fashion:

Dyn Large Enterprises

Key Takeaways & Conclusions

The importance of this study for Dyn is immense. In early 2010, we launched our CDN Management functionality (now included with DynECT Traffic Management), originally launched for client as they were looking to get the most out of their origin infrastructure, and shed some traffic off of high-priced Akamai.

Using premium DNS with robust monitoring for cloud load balancing, traffic weighting, geographic distribution, cost control and latency routing has become the most reliable, highly performance-based and cost effective way to manage multiple CDNs.

Want to know more about DynECT Traffic Management or other traffic management services? Let’s talk!

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Kyle York
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