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Renesys, Dyn Join Forces

Today, we’re announcing the acquisition of Renesys by Dyn, the leading provider of Internet Performance solutions. Dyn and Renesys represent the perfect combination of Internet Intelligence assets from Renesys and Traffic Management and Message Management solutions from Dyn. We’re excited to become part of the Dyn team!

Those who know both companies may ask, “What took you so long?” Our headquarters are located blocks apart in beautiful downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, and the two founding teams have known each other for years. Dyn and Renesys share a surprising amount of cultural DNA – building scalable global infrastructure, understanding the economics and performance of the Internet at a deep technical level, and helping our customers deliver smarter, faster service worldwide.

Why Renesys? Why Dyn?

Renesys builds network performance management products for the Internet. We help enterprises tackle the strategic and operational challenges of delivering service over the public Internet, to consumers and businesses beyond the firewall. We operate a best-in-breed global Internet measurement platform, performing over a billion measurements each day to assess the Internet’s health and function. Anywhere in the world, when a decision maker needs insight into local Internet infrastructure, performance impairment, economics, competition, or strategy, we most likely have the Big Data on hand to help answer it.

Meanwhile, Dyn is delivering mission-critical technology at scale for some of the most exciting established and emerging companies on the Internet, from Twitter and LinkedIn to Zappos and Netflix. The Dyn team ‘gets’ the Internet at a deep level. Like us, they live and breathe Internet infrastructure and Internet performance, because they care passionately about helping their customers succeed and grow. And Dyn is growing quickly, delivering domain, traffic, and message management services to hundreds of thousands of customers every day, around the world.

You can see why that’s a story Renesys wants to be part of. By becoming the keystone in Dyn’s new Performance Assurance product line, we’ve been offered the opportunity to leverage the resources of a much larger, highly talented team — and to put Renesys Internet Intelligence to work for a much larger audience.

So what happens next?

In the near term, for our employees and customers, we promise business as usual. Renesys will continue to deliver our classic Market Intelligence service, rating and ranking the competitive position of the world’s top Internet Service Providers in every global market. Renesys Internet Intelligence will continue to offer Enterprise customers deep insight into Internet performance beyond the firewall with real-time troubleshooting capability. The Renesys Blog will continue to deliver insights about the economic, political, and technical context of the Internet’s infrastructure.

But you’ll also start to see Renesys Internet Intelligence popping up in some new and exciting contexts within Dyn’s Performance Assurance product line and integrated with Dyn’s existing Traffic Management and Message Management products as well. Internet infrastructure availability and performance are now top concerns for both emerging and established Enterprises, from interactive content and gaming, to social media, to financial services. What could you do, if you had both the analytical insight and intelligence to see into the roots of your global service delivery challenges, and access to the control knobs to fix them in real time?

Stay tuned!

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Whois: Jim Cowie

Jim Cowie was the Chief Scientist at Dyn. Previously, Jim was the founder and CTO of Renesys, the Internet Intelligence Authority, which Dyn acquired in 2014.