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Promotional Emails Hit All-Time High – Who’s Delivering Your Email?

If the numbers recently compiled by Responsys are taken to heart, the time is now to make sure the sending structure behind your bulk email program is on point — especially when it comes to deliverability.

The communications company recently released their Retail Email Year-End Trends for 2010 report, chock-full of important information from last year that anyone involved with the email process should take to heart.

Some numbers that stood out to me…

– The top online retailers they tracked sent 16% more emails than they did in 2009. By their count, retailers sent an average of 152 campaigns in the course of 2010.

– Since 2007, retail email volume is up 61% overall.

– There was no point in 2010 that volumes dipped below their 2009 mark. It was just onward and upward throughout the whole year.

– November showed a huge volume gain over the past year (24%) and in general, October through December was massive for sending frequency.

– Friday was the most popular day to send promotional retail emails. Responsys called it ‘a gateway to weekend online and off-line shopping’ which I thought was a perfect line.

So what you should be thinking about?

If I were you sitting right there, I’d begin by reviewing your own email program and figuring out where you fit in these trends. Did your volume increase or did you do less? (I’d also make sure you’re keeping up to speed with email marketing best practices which you can do all day on the archives from our SendLabs blog.)

But the important question you can ask is what good is sending an email if it doesn’t get there? It’s like the old days of submitting an ad for a newspaper that doesn’t run. You put all that effort into creative and segmenting your lists and picking the exact right moment to pull the trigger and then…you send it and have no idea if it ever arrives. What a revoltin’ development!

Do some research on your current sending methods. What do you use to send out? Do you use an ESP or do it all yourself? In either scenario, what’s your insight into email deliverability and how aggressive is your email partner in areas like ISP relations, maintenance of their sending structure and ensuring that your mail getting through is at the top of their list?

Didn’t like the answers you got? Need some better ones?

Yeah, I think I know a group that can help out. Give yourself more than a fighting chance and make sure you’re sitting on top of a uber-successful 2011 after you’ve sent all that email to your rabid fanbase.

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