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Power, Speed, Face Time: Why Interop Las Vegas Is A Huge Event For Dyn

Like any industry, the technology space has its share of conferences and nearly every week, it seems there’s a new one that pops up somewhere in the world that promises to be different than the rest. As you know, our peeps are always on the move so we’ve seen, experienced, talked and done it all.

Then, there is Interop — arguably the most important event in our business and one where we’ll have a massive presence at when the West Coast version kicks off on May 8th in Las Vegas. We’re not just talking a booth either. From powering technology to being part of an elite networking team to a presence on the show floor, attendees will be seeing Dyn all over Interop.

Here’s why this year is so important to us.

About The Conference

Plainly put, this is the event to be at if you’re in the technology space, especially when it comes to cloud computing, security, data centers, networking and everything else under the sun. The group puts on four conferences a year around the world with Vegas as the kickoff, followed by Tokyo, Mumbai and New York over the next six months.

The Largest Temporary Network In The World

After years of knocking on the door, the windows and even the roof, our Cory Von Wallenstein and Kevin Gray got seats at the technology table in a major way, as part of a group of more than 60 people that will assemble and maintain the largest temporary network in the world.

Let that set in for a second.

Over 10,000 people will use the network during the conference with the intent designed to make sure everyone’s “stuff” works together and is operable at all levels, testing the very edges of efficiency and speed. Kevin has already been to San Francisco once for preparation (think of an Ocean’s Eleven type setup in a warehouse just outside the city) and will next be spending considerable time in Las Vegas (back to the Ocean’s Eleven theme) with the conference nearing.

Actually, let’s have Kevin talk about this a bit:

Thanks Josh! It was truly impressive to see the camaraderie and engineering excellence that grew from the ground up over the 2 -week preparation. It’s a daunting task to bring up such a large-scale network in such a short time frame while integrating an incredible number of different technologies — all of which are pushing the cutting edge of networking. Lots of long nights, large cups of coffee and slightly loopy DevOps people contributed to what should be a really impressive Interop this year!

We’re Running The Network

The innovation that we’re bringing to the table at Interop hasn’t been done before as this will mark the first year the conference will completely support IPv6 from end to end. They needed IPv6-capable DNS and we’re damn sure going to bring it to them, a reason we were recommended in the first place. With IPv6 capable IG recursive servers, quad A record serving authoritative servers and reverse DNS support for DHCP issued IPv6 addresses, Dyn is there and ready.

Interoperability With Cisco CNR

Again, let’s toss it back to Kevin.

Supporting the DHCP reverse and forward DNS records supplied by the Cisco network registrar is a key element to the seamlessness of the show and this piece of the puzzle fit smoothly. We definitely need to give a quick shout out to the awesome engineers at Cisco who were happy to answer questions and point us to where we needed to look while we delved into the inner workings of Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM).

With the robustness of the two tools working hand in hand, every self-managing change in CNR auto-magically is reflected in Dynect for both IPv4 and IPv6. This is just plain cool in my humble opinion.

A DNSSEC Chain: First Time Ever

For the first time ever, the zone will be signed using DNSSEC (a one-click process in the Dynect Platform, by the way), another advanced DNS feature that has been supported in the Dynect system for years. The zones were signed in Dynect with a few simple clicks and then, they were good to go.

In the past, manually maintained BIND zone files would have needed keys generated for them and then been signed via the command line by the event organizers. How old school! Now, Interop will be powered by Dynect, making life a little easier, pain-free and of course, more secure.

Oh, did we mention that the IPAM updated records are signed too?

Yes, We’ll Have A Booth And Will Be Speaking Several Times

Bullet points, please!

  • Some of your favorites from Dyn will also be in Vegas, manning our booth (#715) and talking to you all about why we love DNS and email so much. Note that we said ‘talking’ and not ‘telling’. We love conversations, so let’s have a chat and help answer your questions. If you like the one-way sales only push, you can get that at plenty of other booths. It’s Interop, so let’s interact. (See what I did there?)
  • That Kevin Gray guy that keeps popping in and out of this post will be talking about DNSSEC in a presentation called ‘The Need For More Than Just SSL: Locking Down InteropNet with DNSSEC’. The Tuesday, May 10th presentation will be at 11:15 am local time in the InteropNET free education classroom on the Exhibit Floor.It will focus on why DNSSEC and why it’s necessary to create a secure networking environment, delving into issues on how the basics of DNSSEC and the trust chain are implemented, the challenging of setting up a DNSSEC-secured environment with InteropNet and more.
  • On Wednesday, May 11th, Kyle Yorkand Cory will channel their inner Rat Pack, working the Mandalay Bay (Room K) at 1:15 pm local time with, “Hey, 1995 Called – They Want Your Hardware Load Balancers Back: Optimizing Your Infrastructure”.The two will discuss the philosophies behind the IaaS movement, focusing on some of our sweet spots like advanced DNS solutions such as traffic management, failover and global server load balancing. Grab an autograph or picture for the kids while you’re there!
  • In addition, you’ll see plenty of Interop staffers wearing our world-famous DNS Is Sexy shirts – the true secret behind our technology. (It’s the poly-blend cotton, everyone.)
  • There are rumors of a Dyntini springing up, so keep it locked to both our Twitter and the Dyntini Twitter for details. These are must-attend fun events, so don’t you dare miss it. It would be like going to Vegas and not playing a single slot machine.

So yeah, Interop: Las Vegas is going to be a big deal for Dyn to attend, power and be a part of from every angle. It’s more than a booth or a handshake or a t-shirt for us – it’s being part of something that truly is part of what we’re all about now and we’ll be about years from now.

And this time, what happens in Vegas certainly won’t stay in Vegas. If you’re going to be there and want to meet up, contact us at and we’ll set something up!

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