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Pi or Pie? Buy DNS Express And You Could Win One Or The Other!

Limited time offer on Dyn Managed DNS Express 5 at the special offer price of $3.14 for the first month ends on Pi Day, 3/14/14! Click here to purchase.

What day do the geeks here at Dyn love to celebrate more than any other? No, it’s not the season premiere for Doctor Who or the day of the Apple keynote, but the day in honor of everyone’s favorite irrational and never-ending number — Pi! We love Pi Day so much that starting today, anybody who signs up for Dyn Managed DNS Express will be entered in a daily drawing for their choice of prize…


Pie or Pi

That’s right! Between Monday and Pi Day on Friday March 14th, Dyn will be having a daily drawing* for your choice of a Raspberry Pi or a pie of your choice from our friends at Gourmet Gift Baskets. To sweeten the deal, the first month of Managed DNS Express 5 has a 79% discount to knock your first month’s cost down to (you guessed it) $3.14!

TL;DR Buy some Managed DNS Express and you could win a pie… or a Pi.

Every website needs DNS so that users don’t have to remember an IP address to access the domain’s resources (read: your website, send you email, etc.). Our Managed DNS, unlike your registrar’s DNS or some other providers, exists in 18 locations around the world. This makes the time to first byte much faster and lowers your overall latency. Having that many locations means that we’ve got amazing reliability as well – never a moment of downtime on the same network that helps the likes of Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, and more, achieve the highest performance.

Don’t believe this former car salesman? Give our free DNS Test a try to see just how much faster your site could be with Dyn serving those queries in the cloud.

Enjoy the benefits of low latency and high availability by moving your DNS to Managed DNS Express during this promotion, and you could win! Unlike the number, this offer is not “never ending” – you’ve got till Friday, March 14th to take advantage of the pricing offer.

To get started with Managed DNS Express 5 at the special offer price of $3.14 for the first month, use the code EXPRESSDNS314 at checkout!

*Pie or Pi Contest’s Terms & Conditions

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