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Fight For Your Right To Party & How It Can Help Business

It has been about one week since our anniversary DynTini and I think I have finally recovered. This was the first Dyn party I had a big part in planning and executing. I always knew they were a lot of work, but I had no clue how much time and energy really went in to them.

As it turns out, you can learn a lot about running a business from planning a party.

My partner Jen Harbaugh and I got the opportunity to work under our experienced new events manager, Sarah Cole.  She was big on having Jen and me own the event.

At first I was apprehensive, but she knew what she was doing. That was honestly the best way to learn. Like anything in life, jumping into the unknown is the only way you are going to figure it out. If you make mistakes along the way, they help you perfect the problem for next time.

Here are three things I learned along the way.

Communication is key.

This is something that Sarah kept repeating to Jen and I. I don’t think we would have all been able to pull off the party if our communication wasn’t as great as it was. As the event got closer, Sarah had us meeting everyday. We would go over every detail and made sure all of us were on the same page. We had meetings with all of the key people involved in the party and gave them copies of the “run of show”.

Sarah made a great point when we were preparing the “run”. She told us to prepare a document explaining every detail, including the time things were to happen and all of the vendors involved. By doing so, we could hand it out to people if we weren’t there and they would be able to run the DynTini exactly as we would have.

Ashley Goodwin (left) and Jen Harbaugh enjoying the DynTini they helped plan.

Thankfully, we were all able to prepare for the party and I felt 100% sure that we could have easily handed off the plans and others could have executed the party flawlessly.

Details are important.

As a team, we carefully thought out everything we could add to the event to make it special. From the flowers and tablecloths to the matching black and yellow beer cups, we wanted this event to be special and one that everyone would remember.

The third thing is not something I just learned, but something that was validated during the preparation of the party.

The Dyn culture goes beyond the work hard play hard way of life.

We also have a ‘help your neighbor’ mentality and so many employees came to us asking what they could do to help. This was greatly appreciated and every bit of help did not go unnoticed. We had people helping at the café, picking up ice, cleaning, running to the store and anything and everything you could imagine. Everyone came together to make the DynTini go off flawlessly.

Our corporate chef Kevin Donahue knows a thing or two about working under pressure. He had told us the day before, “You will have things not go the way you planned. It’s how you fix them that matters.”

Those words really helped me get through the day. We did have a couple things go a little differently then first planned, but we handled them as a team and no one else noticed.

This DynTini, which celebrated our one-year anniversary in our Manchester HQ, featured a card trick performer, photo booth with Star Wars characters, a confessional, caricature artist, cupcakes, great food and phenomenal live bands. Despite working the event, I still had time to stop and take all of that in. I felt like I was at a carnival. Everything was so much fun.

As I finally lay in bed that night, I couldn’t help but smile. I accomplished something that I was not sure I could do and it went smoothly. Most importantly, everyone had fun and now, I’ll take all of those lessons with me to my next project to make sure it is equally as successful.

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