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PaaS The Greatness: Dyn Joins Red Hat’s OpenShift Partner Program

Working in an atmosphere where everyone is multi-talented, it isn’t uncommon to see people wearing many hats (so to speak) but this is the first time that Dyn has tried on a red fedora. If we do say so ourselves, it fits perfectly!

Red Hat has been working on an amazing new cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) architecture named OpenShift, a platform that has everything you would expect in a Red Hat product: scalability, stability, ease of use and very minimal barrier to entry. The idea is to minimize the time it takes a user who has a great idea they want to develop to get a full Red Hat instance up and running where they can develop and test that idea.

If for some crazy reason the idea doesn’t pan out, so be it. But should that idea generate buzz and explode in size, the developer is already building it on a rock-solid enterprise platform that they can grow to meet demand literally in hours.

Does that kind of consistency, stability and rock-solid back-end sound familiar to you? I’ll give you a second to assess. Yep, it sounds a whole lot like Dyn’s email delivery and DNS Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) service — exactly what the powers that be at the each of the two companies thought as well.

Thus we jumped on board with Red Hat as a full partner in the endeavor to provide enterprise level email and DNS solutions through OpenShift to all of Red Hat’s intrepid users.

OpenShift - Red Hat - Dyn Integration

Wrapped into your OpenShift cloud platform, you will have the strength and support of enterprise level DNS and email from day one. If (who am I kidding…WHEN) you make the next great web application, you will have all the power of Dynect to handle any level of traffic that comes your way, as well as providing you with advanced services that will be there when your growth requires them. That is some powerful stuff.

All of this functionality is integrated right into the OpenShift platform so as a developer or system administrator, you don’t need to take any time thinking about how to integrate top-tier DNS and email with a top tier PaaS provider. It’s already been done and there’s even tighter coupling coming down the road. The end game of it all is that you can concentrate on what you want to: your business!

Don’t forget this is Red Hat (aka The World’s Open Source Leader) that Dyn has partnered with, meaning you can get started with this right now for free. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s Celebrate!

We’re so happy about the news that we’re hosting a DynTini Wednesday night in Boston at Lucky’s Lounge, right around the corner from where the Red Hat Summit is being held this week. RSVP now and join us in raising our glasses to a partnership that we’re extremely excited about.

There’s no dress code at Lucky’s, but if you want to wear a red fedora, that would work.

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