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Cyber Attack in Palestine?


We can confirm reports of significant but sporadic Internet outages in the Palestinian Territories today.  As many as half of the routed networks of the Palestinian Territories were unreachable (withdrawn from the global routing table), possibly as a result of reported cyber attacks.  These outages are the largest we have observed all year for this country, which normally has a fairly stable Internet.  Impacted networks are located in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip.



The vast majority of the 182 affected networks were customers of incumbent provider Paltel
(AS12975).   Fusion Services (AS42314) and Call U Communications (AS51440), which have independent international Internet transit, were also impacted.   Additionally, some networks in Israel disappeared and recovered at the exact same times as Palestinian ones, suggesting problems with a common infrastructure.

Finally, we have observed a pattern of reduced connectivity in our traceroute data, which depicts a partial loss of connectivity via active measurements.  In the graph below, we plot the number of completed traceroutes from our servers around the world to Paltel networks. Each color represent a different Paltel Internet provider used to reach local networks.  The largest drop off occurred via Israeli provider Bezeqint (AS8551).


At the time of this writing, these networks have been restored. We will
update this blog post if further major outages occur or as new information
becomes available.

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Doug Madory
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