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Oracle Wins Round in Legal Battle With Rimini Street

A U.S. District court judge last week issued a permanent injunction in favor of Oracle against Rimini Street in a long running legal battle.

The new order prohibits Rimini Street from using what the court deemed to be infringed Oracle copyrighted materials in supporting Oracle business customers.

Oracle originally sued Rimini Street and its CEO Seth Ravin eight years ago for engaging in what Oracle called “massive theft of Oracle’s software and related support materials through an illegal business model.”

Judge Larry R. Hicks of the U.S. District Court in Nevada granted the injunction, agreeing that Rimini had infringed on 93 Oracle copyrights and thus “irreparably injured” the software company.

In addition, he ruled that Rimini Street must pay Oracle $28 million in legal fees stemming from this legal battle.

The court order makes clear that “Rimini Street’s business has been built entirely on unlawful conduct, and Rimini’s executives have repeatedly lied to cover up their company’s illegal acts,” Dorian Daley, Oracle’s general counsel and executive vice president said in a statement.

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“Oracle Punches Rimini Street Hard in Court” – Enterprise Times

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