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Oracle Dyn Provides ICANN With Access To Internet Performance Data

ICANNOracle Dyn has always taken seriously its role in the greater internet community. This commitment to making the internet a better place is the reason Oracle Dyn’s subject matter experts have been attending and participating in ICANN events for years. Since its founding in 1998, ICANN has had an important impact on the expansion and evolution of the internet. Today Oracle Dyn further strengthened its relationship with ICANN through an agreement to provide the organization with access to Dyn’s world-class DNS and internet data.

“For more than 15 years Dyn has been a trusted thought leader in DNS and internet infrastructure,” said Matt Larson, Vice President of Research for ICANN. “Access to Dyn’s research data will be useful in future research projects and in achieving our goal of a secure, stable and resilient internet.”

Oracle Dyn entered in the agreement with ICANN because it has long admired the mission of the not-for-profit organization.

“Data and telemetry on performance, availability and security of internet traffic is essential for our customers run their infrastructure, applications and services better,” said Scott Hilton, GM & VP, Product Development at Oracle Dyn. “This agreement with ICANN extends that value by leveraging the unbelievable team of researchers at ICANN and using this data to research important findings that make the internet a better place for all users.”

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