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Opportunistic TLS For Email Security

The Dyn Email Delivery team is proud to announce that ALL outbound email from our platform is configured to use Opportunistic TLS.

But…what is Opportunistic TLS?

First things first: Transport Layer Security (TLS) can be used to encrypt emails over SMTP connections and prevent interception of your content, but not all inbox providers support TLS.

Opportunistic TLS is the solution for optimal use of encryption. In a nutshell: the sending server attempts to send email encrypted, but if the receiving server won’t accept encrypted messages then the mail is sent unencrypted. Not all of your mail is encrypted this way, but the important takeaway is that it is encrypted whenever possible and should be accepted by all ISPs/inbox providers.

The good news is that many of the major inbox providers now support server-to-server email via TLS. Google’s transparency report is an excellent resource if you want to dig into this any deeper. And while email security has improved by leaps and bounds (Google reports that 75% of their outbound emails are able to be delivered securely), there are still billions of unencrypted emails traversing the Internet every day.

Opportunistic TLS

What can you do? Protect your recipients and your brand. In addition to the usual authentication methods like SPF and DKIM, make sure that no-one is snooping on your mission-critical transactional emails by using a trusted email delivery provider like Dyn!

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