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Operation Santa: Why Dyn Is Giving Back To Those In Need

Operation Santa ClausTech companies often try to do outdo each other in just how much cool stuff we can possess. It’s standard issue these days for companies in our space to have a ping pong table, Segways and beer taps. We’ve seen some of the outfits in Silicon Valley and are still amazed at the amount of lavishness in these workplaces.

But it is also important to remember — and especially this time of year — that there are very good people who are struggling all around the world. That is why we knew we wanted to give back and that’s why we got involved with Operation Santa.

We pride ourselves on being email deliverability experts who ensure millions upon millions of opt-in emails get to where they need to go every day. So we decided we would make sure some really important mail — letters from kids to Santa Claus — get delivered and answered.

Dyn got involved with the United States Postal Services’ Operation Santa, which allows individuals and companies to read letters from needy families and answer them by buying gifts like clothes and toys. Even though we helped out, there are still a lot of letters that need to be answered.

We encourage you to join us in this effort and we even created a slightly silly video to ask for your help. Individually, we all have so much but together, we can give back even more.

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