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Ongage: Celebrating Five Years with Oracle Dyn

Ongage is proud to celebrate five years of successful collaboration with leading deliverability experts, Oracle Dyn.

Oracle Dyn’s cloud-based email delivery platform offers SMBs and enterprises sending bulk marketing and transactional email enhanced deliverability capabilities, and the Ongage platform improves analytic control, segmentation and business intelligence in a single user-friendly dashboard.

Together, Ongage and Oracle Dyn have been able to provide email marketers with a comprehensive ESP solution that brings customers the best of both worlds.  The combination of the Ongage advanced database management, content control, campaign management and Oracle Dyn’s email delivery platform in a full, robust email service designed to maximize campaign effectiveness and simplify the daily operations of email marketers across all industries.

Over the past five years, Ongage and Oracle Dyn have provided a seamless solution. The successful collaboration has improved the operations of email marketers across dozens of industries, and the two companies are looking forward to many more years of collaboration in the future.

Today, Oracle Dyn customers who utilize the Ongage email marketing platform can take advantage of the ever-growing list of Ongage features including advanced behavioral segmentation, dynamic content integration, advanced analytic control and of course a cutting edge single dashboard from which all campaigns can be managed with ease.

Setting up the joint Ongage-Dyn email marketing solution has never been easier. All clients need to do is follow the simple Ongage Wizard, generate an API Key from their Oracle Dyn account and see the Ongage dashboard come to life.

Nick DeStefano, a joint Ongage and Oracle Dyn user from Elite Web Holdings says of the relationship: “Ongage has been a seamless integration with Dyn allowing me to use my time to manage my data instead of worrying about the technical side of email.  Ongage not only gives first class support, but also provides me a full spectrum of analytics data that I would not have by only using Dyn.  I would highly recommend using Ongage to anyone that is looking for an automated email solution.”

According to Danny Tal, Ongage VP of Business Development, “We value the five-year partnership we have with Oracle Dyn and remain committed to enhancing the email marketing experience of our joint customers.  Our developers constantly work with clients to maximize their experience and ensure the collaborative solution is as seamless and efficient as possible.”

Josh Nason, Email Reputation Manager at Oracle Dyn added “Our commitment to improving email deliverability is enhanced by the powerful Ongage dashboard, and we are confident are clients are in good hands with the Ongage platform and team. As industry pioneers, we are able to offer advanced technological capabilities and data intelligence, and with Ongage, that power is leveraged further.”

About Ongage (

Ongage is a leading email marketing platform offering multiple ESP and SMTP vendors to maximize email marketing performance and deliverability.  Ongage was designed to improve campaign effectiveness, reduce sending-costs, automate email marketing tasks, and more. With Ongage, marketers can easily test, select and use multiple delivery vendors to ensure that each campaign meets their business needs and budget. Ongage is committed to continually improving the capabilities of their email marketing platform, and routinely enhances their powerful platform.

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