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On Ecosystems, New Hampshire, Startups & Geography

Geography is a topic that the startup community loves to overtalk.  The virtues of warmer climates, access to capital or talent is debated.  The Boston community went ballistic when it was mused that Facebook would have stayed in Boston if it was started today. It is too parochial.

Wildcat Brook - NH

So I live and work in Manchester, New Hampshire. No, we don’t go cow tipping on the weekends. It’s a 50 mile trip (almost all highway driving) to Boston.

When people ask what it’s like in Manchester versus the next town over, I think it’s a soup question – irrelevant.

We’re so myopic on the geography question.  I love where we operate and so do many other entrepreneurs who run companies in their respective areas. Does that mean that one is right and the other is wrong?  No.

No geography has a monopoly on startups.

Why I’m excited about Manchester, southern New Hampshire and even metro Boston is that we have lots of smart people here. There is a perseverance, Yankee ingenuity, capital if we need it and great airports (MHT and BOS).

The work/life balance is great to keep me sane.

What I worry about is that our average age is going up faster than our aging, meaning that we’re not replacing ourselves or net migration is skewing. Unchecked, it’s a trend that will impact the amount of good, working talent. But I’m optimistic that it will change and get better as we figure out as organizations like Stay Work Play push on the general demographic trends going on.

Either way, there are many good places to start or run a company but I’d prefer less debate about where and more debate on how to use the environment around you to your benefit.

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