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Now Is The Time For Service Providers To Collaborate (VIDEO)

We live in the era of the end user. The web facing and devops communities have learned that to thrive in this era they must work collaboratively to provide the best and easiest experience for the end user.

But what about the service provider community? Are they keeping up and constantly innovating or are they being hampered by their outdated business models and defensives SLAs?

Dyn’s Director (EMEA) Paul Heywood believes that we need to usher in a new era of collaboration. By working together, instead of against each other, service providers can deliver more value to their customers and, in the end, improve operations on the Internet.

He recently discussed this issue at the Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. We are providing the video below. If you have any questions or would like to add to the discussion hit Paul up @paul_heywood.


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