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New Survey: IT Innovation Needed For CIOs To Reach Business Goals

Being a CIO in the rapidly changing digital era is not easy. A new survey of more than 1,000 CIOs around the world by Deloitte titled, “Navigating Legacy: Charting The Course To Digital,” found that many IT decision-makers felt a disconnect between business goals and the tools and technology available to meet forward-thinking objectives. The divide was most prevalent in the areas of innovation and cyber security.

According to the report, “Fifty-seven percent of CIOs report that the business expects them to assist in business innovation and developing new products and services, but over half state that innovation and disruption priorities currently do not exist or are in the process of being built.”

These findings actually echo a survey Dyn conducted earlier this year with Aberdeen. The survey found that many businesses are taking advantage of optimization, performance management and monitoring tools to improve the performance of their online presence. Yet despite this effort, nearly 80 percent of businesses experience four or more disruptions to their site every month. A big contributor to this problem is that the root-cause of many disruptions occurs out on the internet, beyond the control or visibility of traditional tools.

This scenario – paying for a lot of tools and yet still having a problem – must be a frustrating one for tech leaders. This is why innovation and new approaches to old problems is so important. For the issue of site performance, Aberdeen found that companies that were willing to use Internet Performance Management tools – a relatively new approach – experienced great success.

In fact, according to the report,

“As we see in this data, 81% report faster issue resolution, meaning that businesses using Internet Performance Management are coming in well below that hour or more resolution time that so many organizations report. It’s also no surprise that 73% report greater visibility into performance issues (one of the key features of Internet Performance Management), and that 65% see improved site performance.”

As CIOs navigate the digital area they must be willing to look at old problems through a new lens. The results will help preserve their legacy.

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