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New In Traffic Director: Monitoring Location Preferences & Probe Results Filtering

I’m pleased to announce we have two exciting new features now available for Dyn’s Traffic Director service related to our monitoring functionality: Monitoring Location Preferences & Probe Results filtering.

These features provide customers more control for choosing the optimal monitoring locations for their endpoints and to quickly filter the probe result logs when tracking down a particular monitoring event.

Monitoring Location Preferences

Previously, Traffic Director would choose its monitoring locations simply by picking the three closest monitoring agents to your endpoint from the 16 monitoring locations we currently offer. This works great if the monitoring distribution matches your expectations. However, sometimes you may prefer to pick monitoring locations that are further away from your endpoint to cover where your customer base is actually located. Or perhaps it is as simple as our monitor agents aren’t really as close to your endpoint as we think they are.

Location Preferences now allow customers to use our web portal and alter what their preferred monitoring locations are for each endpoint, overriding what Traffic Director selects on its own. You can pre-select any number of monitoring locations to prefer. Traffic Director will then take this list and attempt to choose the three locations it will monitor from, starting with the first location selected and moving down the list.

Monitor Preferences

As part of bringing these new capabilities to our customers, we realize there are scenarios where the actual monitoring locations available could vary. For example, if one or more monitoring locations are inactive due to datacenter maintenance or a scenario where our monitoring capacity is temporarily maxed out in a particular location, Traffic Director will either fall back to the remaining location preferences you selected or if none of those are available, assign the next closest monitoring locations that are available.

Probe Results Filtering

Traffic Director now also offers filtering options for the Probe Results logs. These filtering options now allow customers to filter Probe Results based on timeframe, endpoints, monitoring locations, and status (up/down).

Probe Results Filtering

For customers who especially have a long probe result history and/or are trying to find a particular event to see what we detected, these filtering options should go a long ways to narrowing down the information you need in a timely manner, especially when you’re trying to determine why an endpoint was pulled out of service.

Finally, we have vastly improved the performance of loading the probe results page, which should solve recent issues that some customers with a large monitoring history were encountering.

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