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NH Startup Mosaic Archive Wins #DynLaunch Competition

Mosaic Archive — a New Hampshire-based startup founded by Gerard Murphy & Andy Young — were announced Tuesday as the grand prize winners of Dyn’s #DynLaunch competition. The duo will now to head to San Francisco, CA, to attend March’s LAUNCH Festival and a 30-minute exclusive meetup with event founder, Dyn Board of Directors member and startup maven Jason Calacanis.

What is Mosaic? Let’s go to their website for the answer.

Mosaic was founded by prosumer photographers Andy and Gerard in 2010 because they were frustrated with the existing options for managing their photos. Andy and Gerard are on a mission to make digital asset management easier for photographers, while enabling the anywhere access that we have come to expect.

Mosaic ArchiveEleven different New England startups submitted pitch videos and blog posts for #DynLaunch, a competition designed to bring awareness and cooperation in a sector of business close to Dyn’s heart.

Three judges with intensive startup backgrounds — Mike Veilleux, Jamie Coughlin and Aaron O’Hearn — evaluated all the startups on criteria that ranged from passion to opportunity.

Three startups advanced to the finals and had to endure intense 20-minute calls with the judges, answering a barrage of questions about everything from their business model to what they would do at LAUNCH. The three spent a considerable amount of time debating the merits of the three companies before selecting Mosaic as the winner.

In addition to heading to LAUNCH, Mosaic will get a private 30-minute session with Calacanis, host of This Week In Startups, CEO/founder of Mahalo and the co-founder/former CEO of Weblogs. Mosaic will also get one (1) year of Dyn DNS & email services.

Waltham, MA, based Si Devices finished in the runner-up position, a startup that describes themselves as a “small, yet energetic, corporation that strives to raise awareness of energy usage in the world and to empower businesses to capitalize on this knowledge. By optimizing the efficiency of their energy utilization, larger businesses can make a large impact in the energy equation.”

Si Devices will also head to San Francisco for LAUNCH as part of their prize package.

Manchester, NH-based Games By Playdate finished third in the competition. A group that is worth watching, they made a major impression through social media, getting fans, friends and other organizations to use the #DynLaunch tag nearly 100 times. Because of their efforts, the group will get face time with Dyn CEO Jeremy Hitchcock and CRO Kyle York at a future date.

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