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Community Matters: Helping Those When Economic Realities Strike

37 people were hired at Dyn during the first quarter of 2012 and with the second quarter of 2012 kicking off today, two new employees begin their Dyn careers today.

But their arrival is really the ending to another story and hopefully the beginning to a new, great one.

In 1996, BostonPost Technology was established to help affordable housing management firms reduce costs. In 2011, a Cleveland-based firm acquired the company and closed the door on their Bedford, NH, location, leaving many of their employees with a choice: move to Ohio or be out of a job.

New Dyn employees who started in January.

Many had established themselves in the southern New Hampshire community and decided to brave the still recovering economic conditions rather than relocate their families more than 650 miles away. We heard the story and wanted to help.

In our continuing effort to build a stronger community and help our neighbors, we opened up our Manchester headquarters in February for a meet and greet that included some additional tech companies in the area. It wasn’t a job fair but rather a casual night to help spark some great conversation and perhaps sow some seeds to keep these folks in the Granite State.

“This was a case of New Hampshire helping New Hampshire,” said Cory von Wallenstein, Dyn’s Chief Product Officer.

Approximately 30 workers skilled in sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, data conversions, project management, QA, software development and more chatted, went on a tour of our office and exchanged business cards with recruiters.

The real bright spot from this event: we found two new talents to join our technical team.

Besides landing these two and being introduced to so many other candidates who may yet find a role with us or other companies, the executive team were simply happy to do their small part during a difficult time.

“I’ve said this many times: we are dedicated to building an innovation ecosystem north of Boston,” said Kyle York, Dyn Chief Revenue Officer. “Those aren’t just words. When people are in a tough spot, we want to be there for them.”

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