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Never Lose Your Android Phone With Dyn’s New Update Client

When I lose my remote control in the couch or forget where I left my business card holder, it’s no big deal.  When I lose my phone, I have big problems and if it’s stolen, I have even bigger issues.

You might be wondering what that statement has to do with Dyn. We’re excited to announce that if you have an Android phone, you can now use our DynDNS Update Client that will help you locate your phone at any time, any place.

Dyn Android AppNeil Boyd wrote this update client for the Android platform, which runs in the background and keeps a hostname pointed to the phone’s IP when it changes. So if your phone is stolen, there’s a good chance it will connect to any open Wifi connections in the area and send an update with the client. That log can help the police recover my phone, something users have been doing for years with their laptops.

This also works for other Android based devices, like my Barnes and Noble Nook…which I have a habit of leaving around.

Setup In Seven Easy Steps

After installing the update as you would any market application, open it on your Android Device and follow these steps:

1) Click the Settings button on the main screen.

2) Click on Hostname and put in the hostname you have on the DynDNS system that you wish to keep pointing to your phone.

3) Click on Username and put in your username.

4) Click on Password and enter the same password you use on

5) Select “Public IP address” so it will use your external IP.

6) If you want the Wifi IP address to be used, select “Update Wifi Address” when WiFi is connected. Otherwise, it will use your phone provider’s assigned IP all the time. This can be toggled at any time from the main screen in the Client.

7) Once you fill in that information, make sure the main screen does no show a “Stopped” button.  If so, click it and it will switch to “Started”.  At that point, you should be all set!

I’m always amazed by ideas users come up with for using our services in ways we never thought of.

Heck, my manager is trying to get his Android phone to run BBS software!  There’s tons of things one can do with an Android device and our services. After all, your tablet device or phone is just a computer.

An example: I set my Nook up with the update client so I can remotely connect to it and pull stored pictures, even remotely over the Internet. You can take an old Android phone, toss in a large micro SD card, set up the update client and now you have a cheap NAS device! The possibilities are endless.

Thinking outside the box is contagious. When a user brings up an idea for using our service in a new way, there tends to be a steady stream of comments around the office with other ideas that it triggered.  It’s part of the process of always moving forward and not being stagnant.

What unique idea have you had today?

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