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Network World Q&A: Who Is Dyn?

Editor’s Note: Dyn Executive Chairman talked with Network World’s John Gallant about Dyn’s product innovation, the rapidly expanding Internet Performance Management market, competition in the space and how Dyn is useful for enterprises. The article was a rich and lengthy Q&A and so we have broken it up to make it more digestible. The below discusses Dyn’s vision, the Internet Performance Management space and the company’s shift toward the Enterprise.

Your corporate vision statement says that Dyn is a company ‘connecting people, content and commerce through a single global internet’. That’s a pretty big mission. How exactly do you make that a reality?

Dyn has positioned itself in an emerging category that we refer to as IPM, or internet performance management. The strategy is to tie together people and assets – specifically cloud-oriented assets – in a way that provides a high degree of visibility, transparency, resiliency and performance. Those really are at the core of what Dyn does. We’re leveraging, particularly in the enterprise space, the broad-based migration from captive data center-oriented computing to computing as a service and cloud offerings.

Enterprises today need to connect with, obviously people: their employees, their shareholders, their customers, their suppliers, their various constituents. They need to connect devices. Think about what’s happening in IoT, the connection of an ever expanding number of devices and leveraging the data from those devices to make ever more mission-critical business decisions. They’re doing that through an increasingly new form of distributed infrastructure, largely in the form of cloud computing and CDNs [content distribution networks] for content distribution to the edge.

Dyn is focused on making all those connections work and making those connections work in a way that is performant and resilient in an environment where, frankly, enterprises no longer directly control the infrastructure. When the infrastructure is in the form of a data center or even a distributed data center, you have tremendous control over the OS levels, over the software level, over the connectivity or how things are tuned to perform. When you’re distributing these mission-critical applications and connectivity out through a global internet to every corner of the globe, you don’t control that infrastructure. Dyn is putting a control layer around that that gives people the ability to visualize, make decisions about how they deploy that infrastructure and gives them a high level of resiliency as well as a high level of performance.

If I understand correctly, you started with a focus on SMBs and consumers. Correct?

You do understand correctly. The company has a long and rich history in working at this layer of the internet. One of the company’s first products was a dynamic DNS product which was sold largely to consumers and prosumers. It’s still an important product for us. We have about 800,000 customers today that use a product called Remote Access that gives you the ability to access a device that sits behind a firewall and likely has a constantly changing IP address. We give you a stable way to access those devices and we sell that today for websites, we sell a service portal online. It turns out it’s actually a very interesting asset for Dyn as we expand our value proposition into the enterprise because every one of those end users is producing data. That becomes an important part of the data asset that we use to gauge the movement and performance of traffic on the internet in real time.

What prompted the shift to the enterprise IT market?

What prompted the shift is the recognition that this enterprise migration to cloud is such an important movement. We really are undergoing a platform shift. We’ve seen a number of them in our careers and we’re seeing a platform shift now to cloud computing and distributed computing as a service. It’s very real and it drives a tremendous amount of change in how enterprise IT is configured and functioning. From Dyn’s perspective, we have 15 years of data history on how traffic moves on the internet. Some of the largest internet-native properties are customers of Dyn, companies like Twitter and Netflix. We have a unique asset in terms of our core intellectual property and our core competencies around data and traffic steering. It makes tremendous sense for Dyn to continue its growth trajectory into the enterprise and into enabling the enterprise migration to cloud and hybrid cloud.

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