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Network World Q&A: Competitors

Editor’s Note: Dyn Executive Chairman talked with Network World’s John Gallant about Dyn’s product innovation, the rapidly expanding Internet Performance Management market, competition in the space and how Dyn is useful for enterprises. The article was a rich and lengthy Q&A and so we have broken it up to make it more digestible. The below discusses the competitive landscape.

There are a lot of companies that compete with you in one form or another, but who do you view as your primary competitors?

You’re right. There are a lot of companies that compete in one form or another but if you look at the integration of analytics and visibility through II and then managed DNS and then the data that enables it all, we stand [alone] in this space. When you look at the larger players who are doing load balancing, we see, for example, an F5 with a large install base. We see companies like Riverbed. We see other companies who are in one facet of the business but we don’t see a lot of players yet who have put all the pieces together to proactively control how traffic is managed on the internet through a data asset as well as a steering mechanism.

Is there a single company out there that’s more of a cloud-based management company, a next-generation company that you see as similar or more competitive?

Not yet. We’re starting to see some of the larger vendors look at this space. IPM is a natural extension of the existing categories of network performance management and application performance management. You’re starting to hear some discussion from some players who want to migrate outside the firewall into managing and controlling traffic over the internet. What we don’t see in the market right now is anyone who has put the pieces together in a way that gives you the data asset.

Again, we have this nice asset of 15 years and a lot of customers who are generating data, relationships with transit providers and others that give us traffic data, BGP data and others. We feel like we’re very well positioned competitively as the company that’s uniquely put the pieces together. But there are players out there who are doing managed DNS as a service. There are players out there who are doing some of the network visibility stuff as a service. We just feel that we still stand very uniquely as having put those three elements together.

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