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NH Startup: MyGun DB Digitalizes Your Firearm Collection

As any collector knows, maintenance of a collection can be stressful. Whether you’re a stamp enthusiast, a shoe fanatic, or a comic book aficionado, keeping track of your trove can be a lot of work. In the case of firearms, this applies doubly so.

To collect guns and ammo, one must make sure to comply with federal regulations on top of the various personal maintenance and cataloguing concerns. As a result, the passion can almost not seem worth the work.

Dyn’s Alan Ellis, however, has created a solution.

MyGun DB, a product of Ellis’ own Intelligent Firearm Solutions, came to its creator a little over a year and a half ago, when Ellis found himself frustrated with the tedium of maintaining his collection of firearms in a concrete logbook.

mygundb“I had just recently received a Relics Collection License from the ATF and was beginning to amass a collection but as a geek, it made little sense to me to compile it all on paper,” Ellis said. “I decided to build myself a regulation database so that I could store the information digitally.”

With all of the paperwork required to legally maintain firearms, Ellis’ solution seemed greatly superior to the standard means of keeping track of a collection.

It wasn’t long before this occurred to him.

“I was at an abi conference that Jeremy [Dyn CEO Jeremy Hitchcock] was attending and he mentioned that the number one mistake the founders of startups make is to wait on releasing their idea,” Ellis said. “When I heard this, I knew what I had to do and put the program online four months early.”

Just three weeks after its creation, MyGun DB was up and running for outside users.

By the end of the second week of its availability, prospective customers were sending in payments.

“As I understand it, MyGun DB now has about 50,000 users.” Ellis explains.

The growth didn’t stop there, though. Currently, there is a mobile version of MyGun DB and Ellis has plans for even more.

“I’m hoping to expand and reach out to other types of collectors,” Ellis said. “I’m currently working on both mobile and desktop versions of similar products for knife collectors, stamp collectors and hopefully, in the future, comic book collectors.”

For now though, MyGun DB is still growing.

The service offers itself to retailers and collectors alike, providing a database for users with a variety of different Federal Firearms Licenses.

“It’s been really exciting to see it grow like this, to be able to make something based on a hobby I care so much about,” Ellis said with a smile.

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