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MWC 2018: Oracle Dyn Blog

Mobile World Congress (MWC) once again took over the city of Barcelona last week. The bad weather didn’t dampen spirits and the huge conference centre was buzzing with excitement and industry chatter.

MWC is where handset manufacturers launch devices, and the show got off to a fast start with Samsung releasing their new S9 handsets on Sunday. That was just the beginning with Asus, Sony and even Landrover launching new devices.

My personal favourite was the return of the Nokia 8110. Nokia have continued their theme of rebooting old handset models that they started in 2017 with the 3310. The 3310 was retro fun but the iconic banana phone made famous by ‘The Matrix’ is the handset that takes me down memory lane to full length black leather jackets and other questionable fashion choices.

Will it replace my iPhone? Probably not. Do I still want one? Yes!

Crystal ball predictions

In my pre-show blog, I made some predictions on the themes I thought would dominate discussions. How well did I do?


Yes (but it was an easy one)

5G is moving closer to reality. Ericsson revealed they have signed 38 memorandums of understanding with operators and they expect to complete some commercial deployments by the end of 2018.

If you had any doubt in the change this will bring, Comcast’s simulated 5G testing data shows median user browsing speed jump from 56 Mbps on 4G to more than 490 Mbps on 5G.

There is a lot of work to do but if 5G lives up to half of its potential, it will change our interactions with mobile devices and our daily lives.


Yes (sort of)

Security was an underlying theme at MWC but wasn’t high on many peoples agendas, which I found surprising. Maybe the excitement around devices meant the services providers got drowned out.

McAfee announced the launch of their Alexa skill.  With the right network router, this will allow you to check on the security of your home Wi-Fi network. Have you ever suspected your neighbours are piggybacking on your broadband but haven’t gotten around to checking? Now you can block them without touching your keyboard.

This plays into the macro theme I’m tracking, which is that time is now the commodity we care about most.


Yes (but not the big picture)

Hall 8.1 was full of application developers talking at length about the creation of beautiful and engaging apps. Only Oracle Dyn were talking about how you get the content for that app to the user. Given the exhibitors, maybe that was predictable.

I do feel there is a collective “shrug of shoulders” when taking responsibility for delivery of content. Developers want to develop, not focus on infrastructure. Brands want to provide the best mobile experience, but still focus on their core business. Users want the latest and greatest functionality, and blame the brand if they don’t get it.

It’s unsurprising that as the lone voice, we had some great conversations with businesses who are looking to take more control. They have realised that not doing so could lead to lost revenue and damaged brand reputation. Simply hoping your app content will get delivered is not a strategy.

If how the Internet is evolving interests you, the great minds at Oracle Dyn have written an eBook on this very subject. Read on here.

Let us entertain you

As well as talking with hundreds of delegates about Managed DNS, we provided the most entertainment per square meter anywhere at the show.

With sweets to keep the sugar levels up and our ridiculously competitive BATAK challenge, Oracle Dyn was the go-to location for informed discussion with a touch of fun thrown in.

Tuesday saw us rock the App Planet with our pre- after-party booth party. This was a classic Dyn event with drinks, snacks and a DJ. I’m not sure MWC has seen a booth party with a dance off before?

The challenge for our team is how we improve for next year. Once we have all had a well-earned rest, planning will start in earnest.

It was amazing to meet you all this year. I’m looking forward to a bigger and better show in 2019.

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Mark Lewis
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Mark Lewis is a Product Analyst at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.