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As an avid lover of film, the Internet can be both a valuable and frustrating resource when I’m craving a cinema fix. On the one hand, the digital landscape hosts legions upon legions of sites dedicated to the appreciation and cataloguing of film, containing articles upon reviews upon interviews upon pirate-able movies ad infinitum.

On the other hand, it’s often hard to sort through the sheer bulk of these sites to find the good ones. On any given day, I could spend an hour simply wading through website upon website, looking for that one scene I want to re-watch, that one perfect moment that I want to re-experience.

In the end, I’ve always just found myself back on Youtube, praying that the video loading in front of me is actually Jack Nicholson and not Eduard Khil (because, who knew that he was in so many scenes from movies I love?).

That’s where, a client of Dyn, comes in.

I discovered this site this summer while browsing for a snippet from the Coen Brothers’ masterful No Country for Old Men, and proceeded to spend the next three hours browsing through the impossibly large library of clips available there (spoiler alert: they had exactly what I was looking for). Revisiting the site in preparation for writing this, I’m reminded exactly why I fell in love with, both as a casual citizen of the Internet and rabid film enthusiast.

The bottom line of the site’s brilliance lies in its organization, which is tailored so perfectly to the user that its perfection is dangerously easy to miss.

Whether you have a specific scene in mind, a specific film or filmmaker you want to explore or a mood you want to indulge with a little cinematographic stimulation, this site is structured in a way that allows you to hunt down just what you’re looking for.

You can find scenes by movie, by actor, by director, by mood, by genre or even by prop. In addition, the creators of the site have designed compilations and lists, which combine scenes from many different movies around a single spine, so that you know who exactly are the ten best villains in film, or the ten best ‘projectile vomiting’ scenes.

Furthermore, since all clips are posted and maintained by the creators of the page, you don’t need to worry about poor quality pirates or decoys that end with a redheaded man from the 80’s professing his romantic dedication.

Whether you’re just looking for a random scene to revisit or you’re a film nerd looking to review and compare many different scenes, you’ll find yourself very at home on And what if you’re just in the mood for a scene but you don’t know exactly what? There’s an option to just watch a random clip. Plus, you can sync the site with Facebook so that all your friends know how much better your taste is. Just be sure to unsync it before you start that Land Before Time marathon you’ve been planning.

This is a site that very much deserves your attention, one that caters to a wide interest in multiple levels of intensity and specificity at the same time, one that wants to help you find and enjoy exactly what it is you’re looking for and one that will simply and wholly devour your time and attention so that you don’t even notice your boss come up behind you.

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