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More Holidays with Higher Network Availability

Last week, I presented at Interop on “Failover and Global Server Load Balancing for Better Network Availability“. It was a pretty fitting topic as a lot of attendees were looking at how to maximize their network without extra resources. It’s been a continuation of do more with less.

This holiday season, it’s a time where everyone wants to be away from their computers, networks, and things breaking to be with friends and family. Running a global network, we’re no different. Things do break and we need to maintain a 24/7 environment. Just because it’s Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, or New Years does not mean that we can ignore our systems. Clever engineering minimizes the disruptions and we use a variety of load balancing and failover schemes on our network to achieve it.

The presentation talked about how failures are a way of life and happen all of the time. Discs or systems die and network links go down. It’s through redundancy and over provisioning that system failures can actually be routed around and fixing systems can be safely deferred. We provide services that monitor and redirect end-users to content that is up. In our own way, we help you get the most out of your holidays.

Take a read and let me know what you think. What do all of you think about over the holiday and uptime?

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