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Media, Outages, DDoS, And IPM: Q3 Dyn Blog Recap

We’ve had a great quarter on the Dyn blog, with countless pieces from some of the best minds at Dyn (and the internet at large!) sharing their thoughts on the topics that matter to them most. We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss them, so below is a compilation of our five most popular posts from Q3. Have a great idea for a topic you’d like to see us explore? Reach out (@dyn) and let us know!

What A Turkish Coup Taught Me About The Media & The Power Of Internet Performance

While it is exciting to play a role in a breaking news situations and the exposure for Dyn is always good, the best part is to retroactively examine the coverage. We always find it interesting how one story can be viewed in so many different ways. Check out different takes from three A+ publications on the shutdown of social media in Turkey after the Turkish military staged an unsuccessful coup in Istanbul.

Internet Outage Detection: Why monitor a problem if you can’t fix it?

Got an internet monitoring tool that tells you there’s a problem, but stops there? Wouldn’t you want a tool that helps you fix the problem while you’re at it? Would you really want a bank guard whose job description stops after “let people know that the bank is being robbed”? Learn about IPM and how it’s different from simple “monitoring” tools.

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Why DNS Is At The Core of Internet Performance Management

The age of Internet Performance Management (IPM) has arrived. As more users and more online services (sites, microservices, connected “things,” etc.) come online, the scale, complexity and volatility of that internet are also on the rise. IPM has emerged as a powerful vision for commercial internet infrastructure that puts control back in the hands of IT leaders. But while IPM is the future, its core is actually a 30-year-old protocol.

Driving Digital Transformation For Financial Services

New customer demands, technology, and competition are forcing the financial industry to rethink their workload and payload challenges. Financial institutions not only need to meet, but exceed customer expectations for delivering fast, high-performing, resilient, and secure digital experiences.

Internet Visibility & Control Is Critical To Your Cloud Success

Dyn is excited to share a new piece of Gartner research, Network Performance Monitoring Tools Leave Gaps in Cloud Monitoring, that heralds the first public recognition by Gartner of IPM and Dyn’s growing share in this field. Check out Dyn’s take on the piece — and download the full research from Gartner today!

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