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Authenticity and Transparency at the Mashable Media Summit

After our trip to NYC last week and getting ready for ICANN Brussels, the spring conference season is just about to wrap up for the summer (sadly missing NANOG 49, Velocity, and Twtrcon in the meantime). Too many shows to attend, personally, but the team is well represented across the globe.

At the Mashable Media Summit (we were a big sponsor), it was clear that new technologies are changing the media and corporate landscape. We saw a number of presentations (a couple of which were given by clients like Behance) and they all focused on social media in business. The presenters believe people are looking for authenticity. Once people smell a canned, contrived interaction, they are turned away.

Even Starbucks, who presented the most institutionalized approach to social media, talked about social media as a medium for interacting with customers only like a coffee shop can connect. Yet, the people who interact are embedded in product management and take part of their time to learn from their customers. They are the real decision makers and are getting real-time feedback.

It was an optimistic look into the future where customer interaction, what I think is the core of social media, remains strong and personal. We all interact with big complicated systems/procedures but I want to interact with a human who cares. I want to interact with someone who cares and who is frustrated when they see me have to jump through 16 menus.

The highlight of the day was listening to Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare, talk about privacy, media, company scaling, and building something great. It was a great conversation and you can see the livestream video.

Our customary trade show highlight reel will be up on our YouTube channel this week, so, stay tuned:

It was a good show and we look forward to another year of great speakers in 2011. Thanks again to Mashable for being a great partner (you have great DNS behind your site!).

And a quick plug to a great client, Homeaway: Our first corporate experience finding a place to stay rather doing a hotel was great. Thanks.

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