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Married With Children: How Family Events Can Bring Your Company Together

Each quarter, Dyn holds a Family Day that brings our employees and their families together away from the office for a few hours. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other better, meet fellow spouses and children and see relationships develop through these events.

Holding it at places like My Gym like we did this past weekend also gives us the opportunity to wear the kids out on a Saturday, something all parents can appreciate. But in reality, the day represents even more than that. It represents how much Dyn has grown as a company but how we have all grown as individuals as well.

When I first started here almost five years ago, it was common to see a big group of co-workers go out for dinner and have a movie night at the office. (I will never forget Sean Connery’s thumb in The Presidio.) It was a great way to unwind after a long week and created relationships outside of work that are still strong today.

Unfortunately, we no longer have Friday movie nights at Dyn. Why? Both Dyn and our employees grew up.

Dyn Bounce House
Some of Dyn's employees at our summer BBQ.

In those days, we had a whopping 25 employees whereas we’ve added over 100 to that total. We were also younger and mostly single with much more flexible schedules. Now many of us are married…with children (Whoaaa Bundy!) so our Friday nights are already spoken for. Life changes.

Nowhere is this more evident than at our annual 4th of July celebration. Years ago, it was a bunch of young co-workers getting together with our friends and significant others, having a few drinks and watching the fireworks from the rooftop of our old office.

More recently, I brought a friend of mine who had two small children at the time and was nervous that people wouldn’t be receptive to having kids there. I reassured him that my fellow Dyners wouldn’t mind, but even I was surprised at the reaction. The entire event had become a kid-a-palooza with many new faces.

This is why our quarterly Family Day is so important to us. It’s more than just getting together for a few hours on a Saturday; it reminds us how far we’ve come together. Dyn isn’t just some place we work, but it’s truly part of our lives — ones that are constantly evolving and growing each month and each year.

Regardless of how much we might or might not have in common, sharing our lives and experiences with each other helps form bonds than are stronger than just from 9-to-5. When you meet a co-worker’s spouse, partner, child or friend, you understand that co-worker better and learn to care more about them. Also, our family and friends then can understand more about the people we spend a third of our life with!

My wife hangs out with some of my co-workers’ wives more than I hang out with my co-workers after hours and is making cupcakes with our CPO’s wife and daughter as I write this. For her, Dyn represents more than the paycheck I get. It’s something she experiences and grows with as well.

As strange as it may sound, it has helped create a Dyn family.

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