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Marketing Automation And UX In Harmony

Have you ever been on a website, seen a form, and immediately decided that you are not going to fill it out? This happens to many people because web forms are either too time consuming, too confusing, or too intrusive.

Web forms are, and will always be, a major component of how people communicate with companies, and by utilizing good UX practices, they don’t have to be a hassle.

The main job of a UX team like ours is to make sure the user has the best possible experience on the website, which includes (you guessed it) filling out web forms.

UX And Why Marketing Automation Is A Good Thing

Many marketing departments are turning to marketing automation platforms, like Marketo, for help with manual processes involved in day to day marketing tasks. Utilizing tools like marketing automation puts a new perspective on how one normally thinks of web forms. A UX and marketing team can work together to improve forms by keeping them shorter and more dynamic.

A dynamic, smarter form keeps track of what a specific user has already filled out and will not display those same fields in subsequent forms for that user. This streamlines the process for the user by eliminating redundant fields and increases the likelihood of a user filling out a form. Expert Luke Wroblewski demonstrated this with a company case study. The company reduced the number of fields on their forms from 11 to 4 and saw a drastic 160% increase in qualified leads.

How Dyn Utilized Marketing Automation

Dyn Forms
An example of one of Dyn’s forms

Dyn took this same approach and adopted marketing automation, along with good UX practices, to make the web form experience on our site as streamlined and enjoyable as possible. Many times, a UX team’s skill set is perceived as consisting of front-end development and designing, but that is not always the whole picture.

While implementing our marketing automation, we had both front-end and back-end development requirements in order to deliver the best possible experience.

Knowing that web forms can be a hassle, this is one of the reasons that we wanted to utilize marketing automation. Most importantly, we wanted to implement good UX practices to make the forms less intimidating to users and to help them get in contact with the right person faster.

Lastly, we hoped to spread UX awareness and inspire other companies to rethink their own approach, recognizing that the important relationship between forms and UX directly influences whether people want to leave your site as soon as they see that web form.

If you have any questions or comments on your own experiences, feel free to contact me – no web form needed.

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