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How We Scope And Price Unique Managed DNS Deals

As our company, corresponding sales team and customer roster continues to grow, we consistently come across more and more unique deals. Our quest for managed DNS industry domination is in full force. In doing so, we follow a shared approach between quality and quantity when it comes to the caliber of client and the number of them we aim to acquire.

Great DNS (inexpensive in the grand scheme of the infrastructure stack) is simply the gateway to the expenses associated with your colocation, bandwidth, monitoring (try Catchpoint), analytics, cloud hosting, CDN (try Fastly), storage, power and cooling costs. But it’s the nature of the app or site and the hosting environment behind the URL can create some pretty funky scopes for our enterprise DNS platform.

With each customer who evaluates our DynECT Managed DNS platform, we learn of new DNS use cases for our services and about the complexities of some companies’ Web infrastructure.

Here are some unnamed examples of interesting client scopes we’ve come across lately.

High traffic, ridiculously fast growth Web 2.0 client (mobile social gaming)

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As Monty Hall knows, not every deal is the same.

The scope

100 domains, 100 QPS (and booming!), 5000 resource records and 200,000 emails to send

The challenge

Transparent scalability of our pricing for a company whose traffic is legitimately doubling month over month. Since our contracts are one-year commitments, this client needs to see one month, six months, one year and even two years out to prepare. Often times, we are gambling with pricing and then winning deals like this because as these clients have success, we have success.

Sometimes it’s important to offer scaled pricing before they are even at scale. Throw in our email delivery product and it’s quite an interesting client because we can grow together.

Large “build your own website” CMS company

The scope

50 domains, 15000 QPS, 500,000 resource records

The challenge

Sure, that is a lot of traffic (approximately 35+ billion DNS queries per month), but the real issue here was in scalability of pricing. The company behind this large traffic industry leader wanted to start small with a sister domain name, POC (proof of concept) for a while, and then move over the behemoth top 20 Alexa domain.

We needed to figure out a way to scope this appropriately to cover the future traffic and records. Yes, we had to price a small deal (just above entry level) for eventual “cross your finger” scale. And yes, that is also a ton of records — 100 times our average!

Extremely established, industry leading SaaS company & SMB-focused Email Service Provider (ESP)

The scope

500 domains, 2000 QPS, 1.5mm resource records, 15 DynECT Geo Traffic Management hostnames

The challenge

Whoa, that is a lot of resource records (300 times our average and allowed amount in a standard DNS package!) with a decent DNS traffic allowance. It’s also a nice chunk of brand spanking new Geo TM hostnames for use to geo-segment end user eyeballs hitting their email app.

Many times the benefits of our service are not plain to see to the average Internet user, but we’re everywhere. The importance of being able to support a client of this scale is something that we individually must evaluate closely when it comes to scoping, pricing and eventual implementation — further complicating an already relatively custom process.

Micro-blogging and social networking sensation

The scope

100 domains, 6500 QPS, 5000 resource records, Five DynECT Traffic Management hostnames (GSLB)

The challenge

How do you price a unique scope like this when they are looking for a dual vendor strategy and already using your main competitor? You ask what the evil empire is charging, of course! Well, that and you always try and get ahead of the traffic growth, which is inevitable for a client of this magnitude and profile. It’s a practical, be direct and don’t BS the prospect approach.

When advanced features like DynECT Traffic Management are thrown into the mix, it adds another layer to play with when it comes to the overall value of the deal being proposed and the eventual negotiation. At the end of the day, it is all about pricing transparency.

If you want to learn more about who we are talking about or have a unique scope yourself, we want to hear from you and chat about how the DynECT Managed DNS platform can help. As you’ve seen above, we have seen and scoped it all…and always want a new and unique challenge to figure out.

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