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Managed DNS Leadership & Learning With DynECT 5.0

Dyn - DynECT Managed DNSJohn F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” At Dyn, being the leader in Managed DNS means a relentless pursuit of constant learning at the highest levels – about our customers, their industries, and pushing the envelope of technology itself. This is epitomized in our recent launch of DynECT 5.0, the newest version of our enterprise product.

With DynECT 5.0, we answered the question, “What gives our customers users the absolute best competitive advantage?” We took time to learn from our customers, took a step back and consolidated our most popular features into a simpler, streamlined interface.

Combined with updates to Geo Traffic Management (GeoTM), the flexibility to monitor CNAMEs and boosted notifications, DynECT 5.0 offers unparalleled value in managed DNS.

So how do we make DynECT even better?

We evolve together – Dyn and our customers, from individuals to enterprise organizations who all place their faith in us and their infrastructure in our steady hands.

Our future continues to focus on applied research and innovation on all levels. We dig into the industries of our customers, understanding what is both on and beyond the horizon of the business landscape, and how technology can maximize their competitive advantage. We explore the limitations of both cutting-edge technology and the DNS standard itself, discovering efficiencies to be gained and pushing those limits in the name of performance and stability.

Managed DNS leadership means an endless devotion to learning. There is no better justification for the success of our customers, and there is no better explanation why DynECT 5.0 is merely the latest example of the unrivaled value Dyn continues to provide to the world.

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