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Learning Curves, Information Fastballs: A New Employee’s Take On Dyn

“All I Wanna Do Is Thank You…”

Pomona, California’s Geggy Tah may have only had one hit, but the above lyric from 1996’s “Whoever You Are” is the one that got me thinking about my first couple of weeks here at Dyn.

Changing jobs is always nerve-racking, but I found that to be especially the case after spending 7+ years at my last job.

I left a place where I knew all (ok, most) of the answers and could see the whole playing field.  Coming to Dyn meant needing to conquer a new learning curve, knowing very few (ok, none) of the answers. Not being able to see the playing field meant I continually got sideswiped by things — all adding up to very tiring days and a slightly bruised ego.

Thankfully, our company is filled with high-quality people – many of whom were kind enough to help get me through my first weeks with a minimal amount of bumps and bruises. Some examples of how I’ve been helped:

  • Getting me my new computer early as I didn’t feel right getting work emails from my new company on my old company’s computer.
  • Sticking with me when I needed to change start dates as I didn’t think going without insurance for a month was a smart idea with two young kids.
  • Helping me get access to the right software and places on the network (Are five IT tickets a lot to open in your first week?).
  • Patience with the technology lessons. For a new hire, the technology behind the product offerings that we provide can be difficult to grasp the first time around, so those sessions (and the patience they came with) combined with the company history chats (culture is a center of attention at Dyn) couldn’t have been more timely.
  • And last but not least, the lesson on how to use the cappuccino machine (priceless).

Sounds pretty great, right?  You could come join us as we’re always hiring.

So THANK YOU to all that helped make my transition as seamless as possible.  Now kick back and enjoy some Geggy Tah!

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Whois: Matt Toy

Matt Toy is a Director, Customer Success Program Management at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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