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#DynLaunch: The Final Three Announced


That was my first thought when thinking about what our three Dyn LAUNCH judges had to evaluate when looking at video and blog submissions for a trip to go to LAUNCH in San Francisco in just a few weeks.

Boston Startup School co-founder/CEO Aaron O’Hearn, abi Innovation Hub/PlusGrace co-founder Jamie Coughlin and Dyn Director of Email Product/GearFreedom founder Mike Veilleux looked at 11 different New England-based startups, scoring them on the following criteria:

  • Passion
  • Conviction
  • Opportunity size
  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness / wow factor

From 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), they individually reviewed all 11 without any communication between them. There was also an additional category: social awareness. Did they use their networks to share and promote, did their network respond, did they watch their videos and generally, did they create a buzz? Those were also graded on a 1-5 scale.

Based on all that, three distinct winners emerged from the group. These three move onto the final round where they will each do a 20-minute final pitch call this Monday with the judges. From there, they will confer and a grand prize winner, plus a runner-up, will be chosen for the early March LAUNCH event. Only the grand prize winner will get 30 minutes of time with event founder and startup BFF Jason Calacanis.

Alright, let’s get to the three finalists in no particular order:

Mosaic Archive

Games By Play Date

SI Devices

If any of the three finalists above declines or chooses not to participate, the 4th place startup will be chosen. For the winners, contact josh (at) dyn (dot com) so we can set up time.

Again, thank you to everyone who entered, shared and participated. We hope there’s not too much heartbreak out there and that this will provide more motivation for entering additional contests and getting the word out.

Check back Monday for our grand prize winner announcement!

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