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#DynLAUNCH Contest: 11 New England Startups Move Onto Round 2

When we kicked off our Dyn LAUNCH competition less than a month ago, we weren’t sure what to expect for submissions. We had our target (New England startups), a killer grand prize (trip to San Francisco’s LAUNCH event in March, VIP with startup god Jason Calacanis, etc) and a simple task for entry (video or blog pitch).

After a few weeks, there were zero entries. Internally, I told people to be patient as I figured these startups were really thinking things through when it came to their pitch. In my head, I’ll admit I was concerned. Was the prize package good enough? Did we do enough awareness? Were New England startups just not that into it?

Then the last week happened. 11 great entries later, our panel of judges has a tough task ahead. Here’s who threw their startup hat into the ring and what happens next.

In no particular order and with no bias, here are all 11 submissions. A key note here: Dyn has no dog in the race, no preference, no push toward one or another, etc. That’s an important distinction to make as even though there are some New Hampshire startups here, there are several Massachusetts ones as well.

Let’s hit it!

The John Samuel Group (JSG)


They also did a short blog post in support.

enVellop Communications

The Original HOGO

Mosaic Archive

Games by Playdate

Si Devices

Price Intelligently

They did a blog post and several quick hit videos on Vine that are embedded in the post that explain their story. Here’s an excerpt from their blog submission:

We’ve done really well in our first seven months bootstrapping by choice, getting our funding directly from our customers and going after a market that’s continually expanding (SaaS will hit $40b in 2014, and Enterprise Software is already north of $260b). Everyone has a price, and we’re here to help them optimize it.

Our customer list includes folks like SlideShare, Wistia, Renesys,, Litmus, Uservoice, among others, and we’re growing with a continually expanding inbound marketing strategy. We’ve found that because pricing is a bit of a black box, our pricing education based content does exceptionally well in a space where the content is typically locked up behind a consultant’s powerpoint deck.


So what happens now?

The 11 listed here move onto to evaluation by our three judges: Mike Veilleux (Dyn Director of Email Product & owner of NH startup GearFreedom), Jamie Coughlin (head of abi Innovation Hub, owner of NH startup PlusGrace), and Boston Startup School co-founder Aaron O’Hearn.

The three will evaluate them on several criteria (passion, potential, etc) with social sharing also playing a key role. Unless another major snowstorm hits, judging should be completed by the end of day Wednesday. From there, three will be chosen to move onto the finals: a 20-minute phone/Skype pitch session with the judges. After the finals, we’ll have a grand prize winner chosen and a runner-up.

For the criteria, prizes and more, check out our contest page. Thanks to all that entered and good luck!

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