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Large Outage in Pakistan


For about 3.5 hours today, almost half of the Internet in Pakistan was down. Renesys observed 46% of the routed networks of Pakistan withdrawn from the global routing table between 19:37 and 23:02 UTC making this the largest Internet outage we have observed in the country in recent years.


All 1253 networks involved in the outage were routed through Transworld Associates (AS38193), suggesting the outage was likely the result of a problem on the Transworld network serving Pakistan (TW1).


At the time of this writing, these networks have been restored.

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Doug Madory
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Doug Madory is a Director of Internet Analysis at Oracle Dyn where he works on Internet infrastructure analysis projects. Doug has a special interest in mapping the logical Internet to the physical lines that connect it together, with a focus on submarine cables.