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Keep Your Email Database Opted In By Providing Options

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So you made the smart decision to place an unsubscribe link at the top of your email and as a result, your spam complaints are down as more people are simply unsubbing instead. Well done!

The next obvious conundrum: what are you going to do to lower those unsubscribes? The answer: you’re likely completely underused user options page/preference center.

Here’s three reasons why getting this established is crucial.

  • If your end user wants to change the address they receive email at and the only option for which to do that is to unsubscribe and then sign back up, you’re making them work too hard. Any step that complicates the process will result in less signups. A preference center will help avoid this.
  • Give your customers options on how often they want to be contacted and what type of emails they want to receive. By doing so, you give an opportunity for users to truly craft their preferences. It also gives you an opportunity to judge if you’re sending too much by evaluating what people are checking off with frequency (daily, weekly, etc). Segmented emails are where the industry is at and where many are finally moving to, so the more info you have, the better. Remember that the communication between you and your email database needs to work for both of you, not just you.
  • The profile update option can be used for reasons other than just a simple update to preferences. It actually can be used to gather additional information from your subscribers to help you target your customers more accurately. All that information that you wanted to get upon that initial sign-up but wisely didn’t ask? Use this page to do just that. The options page can also have links to offers/deals and a method to forward those offers/deals to a friend. By including an easy sign-up link within your email template, you may be able to gain yourself some new subscribers in the process.

As more and more brands are using email to communicate, the consumer has more options on where they get their news, coupons, deals and information. Make sure you are their option by providing them with options.

For some additional info, here’s a great post from Andrew Kordek on forward-to-friend emails.

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