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Campaign Email to Customers Seeking Participation – From Jeremy Hitchcock, Dyn Inc. CEO

Subject: Interest in spending a half-day with Dyn?

Dear Customer,

As you know, Dyn is a little different in how it operates. We’re kicking off a new campaign called “Taking it to the Streets” and it’s to highlight how our customers and partners are completely different from their competition. We want to capture the struggle of culture, profit, growth, and lifestyle as we wrestle with our growth and evolution at Dyn. We want to share our stories and learn from yours.

Our first installment is in NYC and we want to chronicle 4-6 companies over a few weeks who are remarkable in their space. We plan on publishing an article the day after our morning visit about what you do, how your product is the best and different, how and why your support/sales is the best, learn from you directly why it all works together, and hear where you are going next. No doubt you’re not sitting still either.

A sample schedule:
9:00 – Show up (with coffee)
9:30 – Company tour
10:00 – Interview with product people
10:45 – Interview with support/sales
11:30 – Interview with you, last remarks
12:00 – I’ll buy you lunch if we’re having too much fun to stop!

At the end of series, we want to host a DynTini for your staff and friends along with the other companies who participated. Should be a solid networking event and a good way for us to say ‘thanks’.

We imagine that we’ll have some press involvement along the way and hope that you would be cooperative. I will be in New York from October 18 through November 15 and would love it if you would consider participating. Let me know what dates work out and we’ll nail it down. Looking forward to the experience.

Thanks in advance,

Jeremy Hitchcock
CEO — Dyn


Taking it to the Streets” Campaign Notes:

Campaign Kick-Off:

  • Start with Jeremy spending 3-4 weeks in NYC following around CEO’s of customers.
  • Find and book a place in NYC on HomeAway (BOOKED!)
  • Contact CEOs of client accounts to create interest in participation
  • Lock down CEOs and companies we’ll be spending a half-day with (Pontiflex, Catchpoint, Carbonmade, Squarespace)
  • What do they do and why are they different? How do they make their product the very best and different? How do they talk and interact with customers? Why does it all work? Where are they going tomorrow?
  • Chronicle experience through weekly blog, daily tweets, sporadic YouTube and Flickr posts
  • Post before based on research and conventional wisdom
  • Post day after about a half-day on site: lessons, photos, interviews
  • Host DynTini for all of the companies, their staff and friends (at end of trip)
  • Lots of action, media outreach, events, prospect and partner meetings in between taking it to the street early and often.

Campaign Commencement:

  • Ends with the team throwing a music/tech bash at the SXSW house in Austin, TX.
  • Find a place Austin for the street team on HomeAway (BOOKED!)
  • Invite customers, prospects and market to SXSW crew via new media, partners and
  • Remote 138 Listening Lounge in Austin, TX. Last day of Interactive.
  • 3-8pm at SXSW House. Food and drinks sponsors. March 15th.
  • Jay Nash, Joey Ryan, Lauren Zettler, Amber Rubarth, Everyday Visuals, Albert Aguiar, Hoots & Hellmouth and more.
  • Comment on our latest highlight video. Have a chance to win a trip to our SXSW Party:

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Whois: Jeremy Hitchcock

Jeremy Hitchcock was Founder of Oracle Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

To current Dyn Customers and visitors considering our Dynamic DNS product: Oracle acquired Dyn and its subsidiaries in November 2016. After June 29th, 2020, visitors to will be redirected here where you can still access your current Dyn service and purchase or start a trial of Dynamic DNS. Support for your service will continue to be available at its current site here. Sincerely, Oracle Dyn