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Bringing IPv6 to Custom and Secondary DNS

Last week, we announced IPv6 DNS resolution support for Custom and Secondary DNS customers by introducing a new nameserver, By including in your domain’s delegation, you’re adding a nameserver hostname which points to 2607:f590:f2::2, via a DNS AAAA resource record. Just so you know, AAAA resource records point hostnames to IPv6 addresses.

By adding this nameserver, you’ll permit users on the IPv6 Internet to query your domain for IPv6 services that you’re providing, say your IPv6 website hosting on Spring Server. However, you’ll need to remember to also add AAAA records for the IPv6 addresses of your IPv6-enabled services.

We’ve put together a knowledge base article about how to set this up for Custom DNS and Secondary DNS zones. It is a good reference guide on how to do this and what the caveats are. We hope that this guide will be useful in getting things setup.

The addition of this new nameserver is just one step of a larger plan to enable IPv6 throughout our entire network. We’ll be enabling more services on IPv6 in the very near future. For those curious, the new nameserver is located in Chicago, IL and is connected to NTT communications and Tata Communications.

For those of you interested in learning about IPv6 adoption rates, I suggest having a look at Martin Levy’s discussion of IPv6 traffic levels, a talk which he gave at NANOG 45. The Hurricane Electric backbone is already seeing 1.5 Gbps of IPv6 traffic today.

IPv6 is coming your way. Waves of new home routers are supporting it (in good ways and in bad ways). Dyn is committed to taking the proper steps to bring IPv6 online, in a stable and secure way. If you have questions, please drop us a line at

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