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What World IPv6 Launch Day Means For The Internet

June 6, 2012, marks yet another milestone in the development of the Internet as we celebrate the beginning of an ongoing transition from IPv4 to IPv6 through World IPv6 Launch Day!

Major online websites, including Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, have added AAAA IPv6 DNS records to their zones to enable users to access their websites and resources via IPv6. IPv6 is the successor protocol and numbering scheme to IPv4, an addressing scheme that doesn’t offer the size of address pool currently needed to support the continued growth of the Internet.

Nearly a year ago, the Internet Society (ISOC) arranged World IPv6 Day, a 24-hour long experimental period designed to help flush out the deployment issues surrounding IPv6 between users and content. To participate, Dyn enabled IPv6 access to our website for just a few short weeks last June. To participate in World IPv6 Launch Day this year, we permanently nailed up AAAA DNS records to our website to help support the continued migration to IPv6.World_IPv6

Dyn isn’t new to the IPv6 rodeo.

We’ve been working on the development and deployment of our IPv6 rollout plan prior to July 2008, which happens to be the date of our first IPv6 allocation from American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). We’ve been continuously testing, deploying, and monitoring dual stack IPv6 across our network.

Today, nearly all of Dyn’s DNS servers for all platforms support dual-stack access. Many of our customer management portals and APIs are accessible over IPv6. Our DNS management tools support IPv6 AAAA records, along with the groundwork for support in our advanced traffic management services. Our domain registration services have long supported IPv6 nameservers and glue records.

Going back to the Internet at large, the transition to IPv6 continues to exemplify the continued growth and development of the Internet. When Vint Cerf picked IPv4’s 32-bit addressing space as the DARPA program manager in 1976, the prospect of having nearly 4.3 billion available IP addresses seemed like more than enough. Remember at this point in time, this network was an experiment. How would it possibly have 4.3 billion devices connected?

To have exhausted this address space demonstrates the tremendous growth of the Internet as a whole ecosystem of communications, trade and commerce. While the transition to IPv6 is a complex and often monotonous effort for many networks, the greater significance of IPv6 as a success metric for the Internet as a whole is truly exciting!

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