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IPM – A Road Not Taken

This post was previously shared on LinkedIn by Gary Sloper.

I feel very fortunate in my career to have lived Robert Frost’s poem a Road Not Taken where I chose the path less travelled which has made all of the difference.  I was part of the Data Center Commercialization, IP Transformation and the Cloud Computing Revolution.  However these moments are rare.  You never usually find the unique opportunity in technology that solves problems which was in front of your nose for years and simply missed it.  Dyn has that solution which is turning clients to a new path as well.

I joined Dyn to build a World Class Solution Design team because I simply saw the opportunity within their portfolio of Internet Performance Management  (IPM) Platform which is an Engineer’s dream!  A SaaS suite of tools to optimize and enhance Internet performance for Global Cloud, CDN and Wide Area Network planning to name a few.

Recent findings within the digital communication shift include organizations who are ditching MPLS for wider deployments of regionally/globally based Public IP connections to create IPSec based VPNs.  Why?  Cost, reach, SaaS and many more reasons depending on the business.

Dyn’s IPM Platform addresses many areas to help organizations overcome the pitfalls of the Global Internet, here are three:

  1. Global view into the vast forest of Peering and Transit performance (this is not your father’s traceroute data).  Allowing CIOs to logically control their public cloud or internet connectivity and its interaction with hundreds of AS networks is a start.  Dyn benchmarks billions of daily traceroute, RUM and DNS data offering a consumable analytics package not seen before.  Organizations today look at APM or NPM to support their needs but have zero view of how an AS across the world reaches their Cloud workload.  IPM has an app for that which demystifies the “black box” of the unknown also called the Internet .
  2. Benchmarking CDNs.  I’ve had too many conversations with clients who simply can’t measure if one CDN is worth paying a multiple X in cost to possibly deliver a few milliseconds of enhanced performance, especially by market.  Dyn’s IPM Platform benchmarks their CDN performance by region in an agnostic bakeoff;  clients decide in our Platform who is worthy of the deployment and set policies to steer on performance and cost.  This also solves the multi-CDN use case for disaster recovery adding redundancy when that is not the norm.
  3. Cloud Deliverability – Ah yes.  The wonderful “all things cloud” discussion.  The ability to view, manage and plan a Global Network at your fingertips increasing accessibility achieved at the DNS level.  CIOs realize they require that AWS Deployment on the East Coast but how do they see measured performance now and historically if DC/VA really is/isn’t the best location?  IPM offers the lookinglass to see how well those Verizon, ATT, Comcast and Level 3 AS’ perform connecting to that AWS cloud instance even if you do not peer with them.  Plus, IPM allows Active Failover and Global Load Balancing at the Apex of a Domain in DNS….faster than a traditional appliance level architecture.

So what does this path within IPM mean in the long-term ecosystem of Hybrid IT?  It is the road less traveled because optimizing an environment at the DNS, Failover, LoadBalancing, CDN, Cloud and Public IP level with an independent SaaS partner has not been explored really by many.  It will be an interesting road to take and the most obvious long-term.  Why recreate the wheel when you can use one that has been built offering a ride on this new road.

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Whois: Gary Sloper

Gary Sloper is a Global Head of Sales Engineering and Customer Success at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.